Pastor Quiboloy to Isko Moreno after SMNI debate snub: Kung maliit pala na tao, hindi malaki na network, hindi mo pupuntahan dahil hindi sikat?

Remember the statement of Yorme Isko Moreno’s Spokesman underestimating SMNI News?

ICYMI, Isko’s camp questioned SMNI News’ reach and influence in the election because according to Isko’s camp, they are not a major news outlet in the Philippines, they have low subscribers on social media and Facebook compared to say, ABS-CBN, GMA News, hence they cannot cancel their previous commitment and accept the debate invite from SMNI News.

On that note, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy wasted no time expressing his sentiment regarding the statement from Yorme Isko Spokesman.

As per SMNI News’ quote card, Pastor Quiboloy said the invitation extended to Yorme Isko was done in good faith. But whatever their assessment towards SMNI, saying it publicly, is an insult to them.

At this juncture, Pastor Quiboloy took the opportunity to tell Isko that the SMNI Presidential debate did surprisingly well, generating1.7M views on Facebook as of last night at that time he was writing his rebuttal and 1.4M views on YouTube in less than 4 hours.

Once again, Pastor Quiboloy said they felt insulted of what Isko’s camp has been saying, for underestimating them. It could only mean that when they are dealing with an ordinary person, not popular or s small network, Isko won’t go because the one inviting him is not popular?

Pastor Quiboloy ended by leaving Isko with something to ponder on: “It tells a lot of your character, Isko.”

Here are the comments from netizens below.

Only goes to show what kind of a person he is: An ENTERTAINER. imagine having to join a “debate” only from major outlets just for the ratings rather than the true essence of it. LoL

Hindi kawalan kay lsko hindi manalo may talent sya pang contrabida sa pelikula sigurado magka award yan. Magaling syang umarte sa salita body language bagay sa facial expression bigay na bigay good actor kapalit ni Eddie Garcia.

At the beginning of Isko mayoral he goes around Manila live at night and clean up its surroundings. I admire him for effort and hardships of what he was doing. Now it truly confirms that he’s a good ACTOR/ENTERTAINER but NOT as President of the Philippines. I realised that what he does in the past was just a publicity STUNTS.

Ang tawag s mga gnun tao mayyabang…nd n dpat ibino boto mga ganyan kandidato kc nd panga nanalo mayabang n at mapag mataas…yan mga salita nla s mga rally nla pawang kasinungalingan lng yan s bagay sanay n mana iba s ugali isko traydor…#bbmsarah2022

hambog yn isko n yn pastor.puro nka social media bawat kilos niyang. ang patae nlng niya di niya pnapakita s media. ang sikat bias tv lng yn n ngpupunta yn mayabang n yn. 😅🤣🤣🤣


Source: SMNI News

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