Pastry chef accuses Duterte of being a liar and challenges the Mayor to a fistfight

Every businessman’s dream is to get free publicity for his business for obvious reasons. However, a pastry chef got his wish for the wrong reason.

In a developing viral story, a pastry chef is getting the attention that his competitors could only dream of because as of this writing, 56 thousand people are searching for his name on Facebook.

Why? He posted a controversial statement that makes him quite famous in such a short time. However, I am not sure if he is getting the right publicity for his pastry business. Anyway, as they say in showbiz, any publicity is good for the business.

Anyway, you may read the controversial post below whether the guy is indeed worth hating or simply ignore him.

Quims Cake Jack Lubang

Credits to Quim’s Cake

Tatakbo si Duterte? Ng papatawa ba sya? Reason nya dahil si Sen. Grace Poe etc…Kung gusto mo talaga mamuno sa bansa, nasa puso mo, gusto mo, kaya mo, hwag mong gawing dahilan si Grace Po. Sabi hindi ka tatakbo. Your a big liar. Hindi ka pa Pangulo sinungaling ka na. Suntukan na lang tayo. Translation: Is Duterte running? Is he trying to be funny? His reason is Grace Poe. If you really want to lead the country, your HEART says so, you WANT it, CAN do it, don’t use Poe as an excuse. Told us you are not running. You’re a big liar. You are not President yet, but you are already a liar. Am challenging you to a fistfight!

Not finish with his tauntings, Jack Lubang from Quim’s Cake wrote this:

Pag manalo si Duterte, manok nyu guys, gagawa ako ng maraming cakes,pinakamasarap na cake sa Pilipinas worth 5milyon para ipakain for free siguraduhin nyo lang manalo sya. Mark my word. Translation: In the event Duterte wins, your bet guys, I will bake a lot of cakes, the yummiest cake in the Philippines worth 5 million pesos and give it for free. Just make sure that he wins. Mark my word.

Check out the original post below.

Pastry chef calls Duterte a liar

Pastry chef calls Duterte a liar

What do you think about his post? Should we take him seriously? Or just let it pass since he is just trying to get a free publicity for his business?


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