“Pathetic!” — Netizen reacts to Manny Pacquiao asking Filipinos to set aside politics, support & watch upcoming fight

“So pathetic.” This is the phrase that Ilda Ignacio of the the GRP (GetRealPhilippines) could think of to describe Manny Pacquiao who is now reduced to begging Filipinos to support his boxing match with Errol Spence?

Well, let’s that what ABS-CBN News tweeted 4 days ago.

Yes, Ignacio snickered at the thought that Pacquiao is now begging for support after the people were outraged by his smear tactics against Duterte.

Ignacio reckoned that Filipinos he angered can live without watching Pacquiao’s upcoming match in August because they won’t benefit from it but Manny.

“The people won’t benefit from watching him fight anyway. The money will just go to his pocket and designer clothes.”

As of this writing, Ilda Ignacio’s post has generated 1,000 reactions, 125 comments and 55 shares and counting in just 2 hours.

Let us read the comments of netizens below and see how they react. Will they heed Pacquiao’s request or deny?

Commenting on the thread, one netizen said she is not watching.

“Never liked the sport, all the more I’m not watching.”

“Mag isa ka sa karangalan na yan. Its not a battle of national pride but a gamble. If you win you will have more money to buy votes. If you lose, merese ka!” replied another netizen.

“I wont support him anymore both in boxing and political career..” declared another.

“And when elected as president, will still continue to box in the ringside. He’ll be named as the fighting president of the phils.🤣😅. What a clown!” commented this netizen to lighten the serious atmosphere.

“Nope Pacquiao… Money matters ito pra may pang finance ka sa election kasi either Manalo o matalo ka may Pera ka PA din.. Pera habol MO.. So paano mababawi yang Pera na gagastusin MO sa election? Pagkatapos mong magpabogbog tapos di MO babawiin Yan sa kaban NG Bayan…. Pag solo dong…” an emphatic “NO” from another commenter.

“Marami pa din manunuod… but this time parang matutuwa na sila na bogbogin sya ng kalaban…🤣 commented another netizen in sarcastic tone.


Source: Ilda Ignacio

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