Patient’s dishonesty puts female doctor in ICU & in critical condition, viral FB post appeals to general public not to lie about one’s medical history

A female doctor from an unnamed hospital is now fighting for her dear life in the ICU after a patient was not very honest about one’s medical history.

Dr. Gerardo Morato has taken to social media appealing to the general public not to lie about their medical history after he received the news about the fellow female doctor. “Please do not LIE about your medical history! I have just received news that a doktora, training to be a cardiologist, is now in critical condition.”

Dr. Morato narrated the circumstances how her colleague got the covid-19 from a patient who was not honest about his travel history until the female doctor was already exhibiting symptoms. “She apparently contracted the illness from a patient who DENIED travel history. Since he apparently didn’t fulfill the criteria of a Person Under Investigation (PUI), no extra protective equipment was used. It was only later na, nung may symptoms na yung doktora, na umamin ang pasyente. The doktora is currently admitted at the ICU and in critical condition.”

Dr. Morato explained the dire consequences to the attending doctor when a patient lies about their history. The consequences may vary from doctors getting sick or worse, it may cost them their lives. If you lie about your history, you put medical professionals at risk. They become sick and when medical professionals become sick, sino pa ang titingin sa inyo when you become sick? Hindi na nga ganun kadami ang doktor, mababawasan pa. But, you know, that’s not the worse thing that can happen.”

However, Dr. Morato said that is not the worst thing that can happen to a doctor but this. “The worse thing that can happen is we become afraid. We become assholes. Adopt a “Fuck-it-Bahala-na-kayo-sa-buhay-nyo” attitude, cancel our clinics and just not see any patients. Some doctors are actually doing this already.

Dr. Morato ended the FB post with a piece of good news for the public though. “But a majority, me included, still go to work everyday and see patients despite the apparent danger. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Please don’t make us change our minds,” Dr. Morato warned the public.

Dr. Morato’s FB post has gathered 34,000+ shares, 31,200+ reactions and 1,283 comments and counting.

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Source: Gerardo Morato

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