Paula Defensor Knack belittles Robredo’s ability to defend allegation thousands of drug suspects killed in war on drugs

Paula Defensor Knack sneered at Robredo’s ability to defend her allegation that thousands of drug suspects have been killed in Duterte’s war on drugs.

The younger sister of the late Miriam Santiago made the conclusion after a CHR representative who appeared before a student’s forum in the Netherlands failed to articulate his defense of the allegations that casualties in Duterte’s war on drugs has reached 9,000.

Paula Defensor Knack

Paula Knack noted that the people who interrogated the CHR representative composed of non-lawyers including Sass Rogado Sasot, 2 embassy reps and students.

In the end, the CHR representative told the forum that only 49 drug war victims were documented.

In light of the revelation, Ms. Knack could only imagine how on earth Robredo could defend her allegation before an impeachment that thousands of drugs suspect were killed in the war on drugs.

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VIRAL !! ……….In a very student forum in Netherlands, the CHR rep who is not a lawyer could hardly defend his figures. There is a big difference between 49 and 8,000. Binakbakan ni Sass,
2 Embassy reps., at mga estudyante na puro hindi pa abogado.

In another research forum, klarong klaro 49 lang sinabi ng CHR rep. at inamin nyang nahirapan sya magdefend ng libo libong figures sa student forum the day before.

How much more Robredo before the impeachment court ? It is a fact that the most talkative lawyers in LP have severely infirmed comprehension of criminal law, evidence, and criminal procedure. They are providing evidence to penalize themselves before courts of law. DISASTER ITO PLUS DISBARMENT AND PERPETUAL DISQUALIFICATION TO HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE.

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Janine Gunday said: “Nagmamagaling po kasi sila, akala nila mga tanga ang mga tao dyan sa ICC.”

Lyn Flores wrote: “This yellow tae are still thinking that they can fool the Filipino people!!! And they think na sila Lang ang may utak dahil nga mga oligarch!!! Mga lintik na mga peste na ito!!!I will not get tired in explaining to my Indian friends what is really happening in the Philippines.”

Violeta Boarman remarked: “waaa, I could imagine CHR’s face on that forum. there is a big difference between with the clasifications of students:
puppet/pay students – like Soros /UP students
brainy students- like EU/Hague scholars”

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