Paula Defensor Knack delivers several telling blows to knock some sense into Chelsea Clinton’s head

In case you’ve been out of the loop, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former American President Bill Clinton just called Duterte “murderous thug” on Twitter.

Chelsea tweeted the remark after President Duterte made another r@pe joke while giving a pep talk to soldiers before going to battle against the Maute militants.

On Facebook, Atty. Paula Defensor Knack took the cudgels for the embattled Duterte and delivered several telling blows that should knock some sense into Chelsea Clinton’s head.

Dear Chelsea Clinton,

You forget your country killed millions of innocent civilians in your illegal wars and has the biggest stash of weapons of mass destruction. Biggest thug in the world eh? Your father shamed America before the whole world because he can’t zip his pants, expanded your horrific drug war to other countries, and expanded the death penalty for drug lords but executed a mentally ill black man, what a thug! And oh each time we see porn online , we remember your father.

Your mother is known for Benghazi – bloody hell! What an opportunist staying with a sick and maniacal husband for decades due to her political ambition! And oh that corrupt foundation!! Poor child, even plastic surgery! Stay out of our affairs and mind your stupid health system and lack of medical care for your disabled soldiers. We target criminals & terrorist, not civilians. Put this in your head – We are not your colony anymore!

Credits to Paula Knack

Credits to Paula Knack

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