Paula Defensor Knack: HONTIVEROS makes shocking admission that has criminal consequences!!!

In the interview with DZMM radio, Sen. Risa Hontiveros admitted that Kenneth Dong gave P3M and P5M respectively to her 2013 and 2016 senate run campaign.

The Chinese businessman was also a campaign contributor to Sen. Joel Villanueva in 2016, pitching in with P3M for the senator’s senate bid.

In 2013, Hontiveros was one of the prominent personalities who acted as wedding sponsors to Kenneth Dong’s wedding. Link here.
So who is Kenneth Dong?

He is none other than the man pointed as the middleman of a certain Richard Tan, who owned the warehouse in Valenzuela raided by authorities that yielded 604 kilos of shabu.

Hontiveros’ admission elicited the strongest reaction from Paula Defensor Knack, younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Santiago. On Facebook, Knack posted the meme below.

It says: “This is a plain admission of the illegal participation of druglords in the LP campaign machinery and finance during the campaign. ”

In another meme Knack posted, it says, “You go to jail! Hontiveros already admitted violation of the anti-drug trafficking act…by receiving proceeds from a druglord.”

Let us read the comments of the social media and get their sentiment on the issue.

Derck Juruena wrote: “Hontiveros mahiya ka kaya pala panay kontra ka sa war on drugs ng Pangulo Duterte dahil meron pla tumutulong sa inyo dati drug lord para sayo inyo kampanya last election parehas kayo ni de lima nanalo kayo sa droga 😂”

Doray Pelletero remarked: “How many industrial weighing machines did Dong sell? How much his business is worth? That he can afford extravagant and generous donation to senatorial candidates. Based on FB posting, he donated to Hontiveros 3M and 5M. Another 5M to another guy. Really? Is he this rich, to waste and lobby to much at the age of 33? Too fishy.”

Ding Francisco can’t help but reminded us an adage familiar to eveyone. “ouch lahat cla associated sa mga suspected druglords … tell me who ur friends are and ill tell u who u are? so as the saying goes?”

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