PCOO official bares attempt of President Duterte’s life last Thursday, swears she will jump over assassin to foil another attempt

A PCOO official just confirmed the attempt of President Duterte’s life last Thursday by unnamed group, possibly sworn enemies of the President.

PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy refused to name names but the articulate PCOO official only mentioned the groups who will be rejoicing, knock on wood, if the suspects proceeded as planned and succeeded.

As per PNA website report, SAP Go confirmed receiving information of an assassination attempt on Thursday while he and the President were on their way to Zamboanga City on board a helicopter to visit fire victims.

However, the alleged assassination attempt did not intimate stopped the president from visiting the fire victims in Zamboanga City. [PNA]

Read the full text of Badoy’s post below.

There was an attempt on the President’s life last Thursday.

It felt like I’d been slapped solid on the face when I found out

It’s not Death I am afraid of. Not even the death of our President. He’s not scared of it himself. A man thoroughly at peace with his mortality.

What scares me shitless is him dying on us just before his term ends. I could weep buckets thinking of it.

Just thinking of Leni Robredo, that highly incompetent VP as Chief Executive of this country makes me nauseous.

It will be back to the dark ages for us—just when we are stepping into the light of the 21st century.

And the greatest enemies of this country will be having victory parties.

Those lazy oligarchs who have stolen from us out of a sickening sense of entitlement will come crawling out of their Forbes Park mansions with ghastly smiles on their plastic-surgeried faces.

Drug lords who have eaten our children whole.

The Catholic hierarchy who’ve shackled our minds and hearts so we’ve become fearful and ignorant, so thoroughly incapable of an independent and critical thought.

Foreign overlords who think of Filipinos as their beasts of burden.

Well these royal assholes will be having a field day if this President goes.

Quite simply he is what stands between us and our abusers.

It makes me want to go to him right now and beg him to please, pleaseeee stay in the palace and just play dota for a spell. (Like someone we know. LOL)

Not keep going all over the country. Not keep on pressing flesh with people who adore him. Not keep going to places never before seen by a Philippine president to look for money for us.

But I know he’d just laugh me out of his office and scoff at how talawan I’ve become.

And maybe he’ll say, “Why did you allow your courage to leave you? I enlisted you to fight this fight with me. I want you to be as brave as I am.”

And he might just as well be speaking to all of us.

I may look like the one he asked to join him in his fight to get our country back but really and truly, he has asked each of us to join him. I have heard him speak before crowds.

He reaches his arms out and his eyes look at the crowd imploringly, “I cannot do this alone. You need to do your part. I will do my best but you will need to your best too.”

And you can see how he’s kept his part of the bargain.

He has shown us our worth and what it is we are truly capable of.

He has shown us that we can crawl our way out of the dark pit we’ve been stuck in for ages and dust ourselves off and stand shoulder to shoulder with the world.

We have no time to lose though. Hurry. We are chasing daylight.

While this man sits as President of this land, we must make a go for it.

Be your best self.

And I promise to be my best self too.

And if anyone tries to hurt our President, I solemnly swear, dadakmain ko sha- kahit naka high heels ako, tatalunan ko sha at sasabunutan tapos, I’ll scratch his eyes out and make him regret the day he was born.

Pramis. 😂😂😂

My day is begging to get started.

Have an awesome week, crazies!

<3 <3 <3 LABAN! 👊👊👊

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