PCOO Usec responds to Renato Reyes et al who denigrates President Duterte’s move threatening to cancel VFA amid US visa cancellation of Senator Bato

The critics of President Duterte have been caught off guard with the President Duterte’s response to the cancellation of Senator Bato dela Rosa’s visa – he threatened to terminate the VFA or Visiting Forces Agreement with the US.

A case in point is BAYAN’s Renato Reyes.

The leftist leader was apparently stunned by the latest twist and can’t seem to make up his mind whether to support it or not. He even accused President Duterte of using the VFA as the leverage/escape goat to demand for the reinstatement of Bato dela Rosa’s US visa. Check out his initial response on Facebook.

“Simplehan na lang po natin. Ang pagbasura sa VFA ay di dapat nakasalalay sa kung bibigyan ba o hindi ng US visa si Bato. Ang pagbasura sa VFA ay matagal nang dapat ginawa dahil ito ay di pantay. Kung gagawing sangkalan ito para magka-visa si Bato, anong klaseng policy ito?”

After Reyes was criticized, mocked even on social media for his initial reaction showing mixed signals on terminating VFA agreement with the US, the activist leader is now singing a different tune.

If the Duterte regime is truly serious in terminating the VFA, then it merely needs to inform the US government in writing of Duterte’s desire to terminate the agreement and wait 180 days for it to be effective. Let’s have it then. [Link here]

To end the confusion in the critics’ camp, PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine T. Badoy has taken to Facebook to explain why President Duterte needs to threaten the US with VFA cancellation.

First and foremost, Badoy explained that when you become a Senator, you have become your office. Let me expound according to my humble understanding. According to Badoy, when Bato’s US visa was cancelled, it was not just an attack on Bato dela Rosa as a politician but an attack of the office he represents, the Senate. The Senate is part of the government.

Badoy wrote that President Duterte is clearly drawing the line telling the shameless former colonizer (US) to stop interfering with our internal affairs.

Badoy said this isn’t President Duterte coming to the rescue of a dear friend, as critics insist but a President who feels insulted of being told of our sins (human rights violations) when the country lecturing us about human rights violations has committed far worse to us.

Badoy wrote that the shameless transgressions were made possible by past presidents who were weak and simply rolled with the dice.

But times have changed. America is just a shadow of its once powerful self who ruled the world unchallenged. The bad news is, they continue to act like the old America by Indeed, Pax Americana is no more and yet Americana continues to act like it owns the world. And that it has every right to interfere in affairs of a sovereign state.

“It’s bad enough that they interfere but that they interfere from a place of abject ignorance and arrogance enrages like no other,” Badoy lamented.

Meanwhile, Badoy remarked that she was amused by leftists Renato Reyes and blogger Tonyo Cruz who unmask their terrorist agenda of unseating this Presiden by making disparaging remarks against PRRD’s principled stand.

Badoy described the likes of Reyes and Cruz “scandalous hypocrites” and “prodigious liars.” Badoy said they pretended all these years to be enraged by constant US interference into Philippine matters. But their recent remarks on PRRD’s VFA statement have unmasked them for what they really are – “straw patriots.”

Badoy said that Reyes and Cruz whom she described duplicitous bastards have been reduced to the bravado of those who have nothing more relevant to say and have become as cheap as they look.

Luckily for us, they have been unmasked.

Want proof? Well, Badoy urged the doubters to do some reading on social media walls of the likes of leftist leaders like Reyes and left-leaning bloggers like Cruz and you can see with your won eyes the bashing they are getting from real people – Filipinos who, by this time, have grown weary of their theft masquerading as fundraising for calamity victims and their theft that spans continents and crosses oceans- at the expense of the poorest of the poor.

Badoy heaved a sigh relief that some of those funds for the LEFT have been turned off. This explains why the likes of Tonyo Cruz, which Badoy tagged a member of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF, hopping mad and spewing vitriol from his very prominent overbite.

You may read Usec. Badoy’s original article by clicking here.

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Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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