PDI reporter’s attempt to embarrass Pres. Duterte, businessman guest speaker backfires in his face

The job of a reporter is to gather and write about the news as it happens. Not unless, you are an entertainment reporter.

However, Marlon Ramos of the Philippine Daily Inquirer thinks otherwise.

A video circulating on social media recently shows Ramos trying to pin down Francis Kong, a renowned inspirational speaker and businessman by asking a tricky question about Duterte.

But the businessman and motivational speaker proved to be a wily dude and navigated away from the land mines set up by the PDI reporter.

Below is the transcript of the short conversation between the two protagonists.

Ramos: Sir you were talking about values gab, leadership gabs, skills gab, the need for having soft skills, so, do you have any answer or advice to our President?

Mr. Francis Kong: The one advantage I see him having right now is sense of authenticity image that the young perceives him to be. Like whatever he promised he is doing it and that’s (can’t figure out what he exactly uttered in the last part of the sentence.)

Marlon Ramos of the PDI quickly went for the kill after setting up the trap question…

He (Duterte) promised to end our problem with illegal drugs within the 6 months of his presidency and now he is saying he’ll be doing it until 2022/at the end of his office.

Mr. Kong: I am a person who understands business. You don’t get result by means of an event. To get good results, you need a processes. And that’s why process takes time. But at least the one thing that I’ve been hearing a lot of young people saying, “We were never been informed and we did not even know how huge, how big, and how wide that then scope of that problem [illegal drugs] up until now.” So if you’re a business person with a business mindset, identifying the problem is already 50% of the solutuon. So I would rather still say that we got to be patient and wait for more results and a lot of things will be challenged in the process.

Video below.




Posted by John Paul R. Bicerra on Sunday, June 11, 2017

By trying to embarrass the President, Marlon Ramos earned the ire of the Duterte supporters.

Treb Sisracon wrote: “Ano marlon ramos nphiya ka wag k kasing magaling dahil kyong mga inq ay mga salot npksimple ng sagot syo sana nmn tumalab yan sa pgkatao mo ugok na marlon ramos.”

Prescilla Antipuesto commented: “K Ohhh noooo Mr Ramos napahiya ka ngayon.! Ano nganga ka! Punyeata sobra yabang mo wala ka naman pala ibubuga!”

Note: The incident happened in Malacanang sometime in February 2017 but the video has been re-uploaded on social media and has created backlash against the PDI reporter.

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