“PDu30 is turning out to be a masterful political strategist” — Dr. Antonio Contreras LaSalle

We’ve heard this before! A political analyst once made a remark on national TV that Duterte is a political genius, especially in the wake his historic landslide win despite lacking the political machinery and financial support.

Recently, a La Salle professor who teaches Political Science at the said university shared a similar impression on Facebook.

Dr. Antonio Contreras of La Salle made the conclusion in light of the Marcos burial saga that has gripped the nation lately.

He said President made a series of calculated moves that put the anti-Marcos camp in a situation that they could not win. To understand how President Duterte did it, please read the full text of Dr. Contreras post below.

When then candidate Digong Duterte took on the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as part of his “platform” I have a feeling that he knew he will stir a hornet’s nest. I think it is a calculated move to flush out into the open how strong the resistance would be. It was also a way to taunt those who will oppose him and to force them to go to the Court, knowing fully well that his decision stands on legal grounds.

It was a trap. In order for the petitioners to make a case that Marcos is a dishonorable man by virtue of his authorship of Martial Law, they have to use RA 10368 which they in fact did.

But this is a wrong move for that would amount to treating RA 10368 as a bill of attainder which will render the law unconstitutional.

Thus, the opposition to Marcos just painted themselves into a wall. To save the constitutionality of RA 10368 and to render justice to martial law victims, by indemnifying them in accordance with the law, then Marcos burial will have to be allowed. And such, if it happens, will come with a legal mandate, and not just by virtue of executive feat.

PDu30 is turning out to he a masterful political strategist.

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Source: Antonio Contreras


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