“PEOPLE POWER?? ok go AHEAD.. 2022 may INDAY SARAH nanaman na magpapainit ng ulo nyo.” — DDS Andrew Olivar

‘MagpePEOPLE POWER kayo?? Ano??’

This is the indignant question of DDS blogger Andrew Olivar addressed to the so-called wokes who started talking about launching another People Power after Congress voted not to grant ABS-CBN a franchise.

Olivar, figuratively, doused ice-cold water to the wokes romanticizing the idea that they can topple the Duterte government by capitalizing on the emotions of die hard Kapamilya fans who are reeling from the shutdown of the giant TV network ABS-CBN.

Like the vintage Olivar who mixes gay humor and wit, the DDS blogger nipped in the bud the People Power fantasy of the so-called wokes and critics of the Duterte administration who are attempting to use the ABS-CBN issue as the starter to spark a revolution in ousting Duterte.

First, Olivar said that the DDS have the numbers. The bad beating of the OtsoDiretso in the 2016 senatorial election was the living proof.

1. Una sa lahat mas madami ang sumusuporta kay PRRD. Tignan nyo nga naflush lahat ng mga sinuportahan ninyong mga senators. That means wala na kayong bilang at nasaamin na ang PEOPLE POWER.

Second, Olivar reckoned the wokes will have a tall order in getting the support of the PNP and the AFP, which play a very crucial role in a successful People Power, because they kept attacking them on social media.

2. PEOPLE POWER?? Paano nyo mauulit yan kung inaway away at pinaginitan nyo na lahat ng mga PULIS at mga SUNDALO natin?? Duhhhh paano nyo ngayun makukuha ang suporta nila??

Third, the Catholic church is not the only church in the Philippines. History tells us EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 were successful because of the Catholic church. Andrew Olivar believed the Catholic Church does not have the same influence now over the people as before.

3. PEOPLE POWER?? guys hindi na lang po catholic church ang church dito sa PINAS.. kung dati ay isa ang philippine cathol!c church ang nagtawag sa mga tao para magkapeople power sorry na lang kasi madami na ngayun ang mga religions dito sa Pilipinas na nakuha ang ibang numero ng mga katoliko ngayun. Ngayun nga eh hating hati na ang mga katoliko sa kanilang political views.

Fourth. Olivar believed the success of People Power will not be replicated in this day and age because of the internet and mainstream media no longer have the monopoly of information.

4. Hindi na mauulit yang PROPLE POWER na yan dahil may internet na at hindi na lang media ang pwede magpalabas ng kung ano anong balita. May patas ng pagbabalita ngayun at hindi na agad agad namamanipulate mga utak ng mga tao..

Fifth, Olivar joked that people are taking gluta. And going out to join People Power is just throwing away whatever gains from taking gluta and they no longer have extra budget.

5. People power ulit? Che wala ng ganyan.. ayaw na ng tao lumabas at magsayang pa ng oras kasi nakaGLUTA kami at sayang ang budget.. charot

Sixth, Olivar dismissed the Opposition leader as someone unimpressive.

6. Wala ng PEOPLE POWER dahil hindi naman magaling ang leader ng opposition.. kulang na kulang talaga.. mahinang nilalang. Di abot ng electric fan noong high school..

Seventh, they don’t even the numbers, if judging by the number of people who joined rallies in the past few months and year.

7. PEOPLE Power??Tignan nyo nga yang numbers ng mga nagrarally sa mga nakaraang buwan at taon. Pati anino at rebulto dinagdag na namin sa bilang pero konting konti parin kayo.

Eight, Olivar, in brutal honesty, told the wokes to stop dreaming of another People Power because the people are wiser now and have seen the bad effects after People Power.

8. Tigilan nyo nga yang PEOPLE POWER na yan.. wala ng maniniwala jan dahil mas nakita ng mga tao na ngayun kung ano ang hindi magandang epekto ng PEOPLE POWER. Nagsimulang naghirap ang bayan natin dahil sa PEOPLE POWER na yan.

Ninth, Olivar instead challenged the wokes to a boxing match? Lol.

9. People Power? Tara b0xing na lang. Kung sino ang pinakamadaming matira (DDS VS DILAWAN) yun ang mananalo.. PEOPLE POWER diba??
Suggestion lang naman

And finally, Olivar dared the wokes to go ahead with their People Power plan. Anyway, he said Sarah Duterte in 2022 will make the wokes go crazy again.

10. PEOPLE POWER?? ok go AHEAD.. 2022 may INDAY SARAH nanaman na magpapainit ng ulo nyo.. K BYE

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Source: Andrew Olivar

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