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Perfect timing: Selfie of students catches photo bomber thief while doing his thing.

I must assume that you are familiar with the phrase, ‘perfect timing!’ The pictures shared by Fred Borreo, actually owned by students from Pamantasan ng Lungsod Muntinlupa will try to demonstrate this.

As a backgrounder, the students were taking a selfie or groupie in the school’s clinic when this shit happened. I will try to direct your attention to the picture of the photo bomber below.

Try to see what the photo bomber is doing while the students are trying to project their best smiles.

It was confirmed that money was stolen and it was indeed bad news for the student that lost his or her allowance. The consolation is that, the photo bomber was caught while dipping his hand in the cookie jar so to speak.

The thief might have run away with the money, but it is a given, his world will become smaller an smaller after this picture is shared online.

The lesson we can learn from here is to always keep our things within our view because bad people are there to advantage of our miscues.

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