PH Marines General to Alejano & pals: “Sasamahan ko kayo papuntang Spratly bukas. Kung di nyo tatanggapin, tumahimik na lang kayo”

While social media are eagerly anticipating if and when President Duterte replied to the dare issued by the OtsoDiretso senate bets, a Philippine Marine General issued a counter dare to the opposition bets.

Marines General Orlando E de Leon, allegedly challenged all OtsoDiretso bets particularly Alejano to go to the Spratly with him immediately for a month.

But here’s the catch: no one brings a phone or any type of communications to call for help. If they die, then die.

De Leon said that if Alejano and company won’t take challenge, his advice for them is to shut up.

Before signing off, De Leon said he would bet all his pension differential, just to make this dare materialized.

De Leon asked if someone could offer the group a bigger group, he would to invite all OtsoDiretso supporters to join them.

In case you missed it, Alejano and his RP flag-waving pals created a buzz on social and mainstream media yesterday after their respective photos posing riding a jet ski circulated online.

The jet ski stunt were visibly a jab at President Duterte who promised in the 2016 election campaign to jet ski to the Spratlys and face the Chinese incursions and happily die for the country and die a hero.

Meanwhile, the OtsoDiretso bets did accuse the government of preventing their trip to Scarborough Shoal as per Inquirer news report.

“The Philippine Coast Guard refused to give the boat owners permit if there is recording equipment in the rented boat, and warned that the equipment would be confiscated,” the Inquirer article read. [Inquirer]

You may read the full post below.

“Ok, kayong mga Ocho ocho, lalo ka na Alejano, ang tatapang nyong maghamon na haharapin nyo mga Intsik sa Ayungin. Ngayon ako naman ang maghahamon sainyo, lahat kayong Ocho. Sasamahan ko kayo papuntang Spratly bukas mismo kung tatanggapin nyo. Isang buwan tayo dun. Balik tayo after elections na. Walang magdadala ng phone o kahit anong type ng communication para di makatawag ng saklolo. Patay kung patay. Kung di nyo tatanggapin ang hamon na to, tumahimik na lang kayo, lalo ka na Alejano. Gademet.”

Sagaran na to. Itataya ko na pati pension differential ko, matuloy lang ang hamon na to. Kung may mag-volunteer dyan ng medyo malaking barko, isasama ko na rin pati supporters ng Ocho ocho. Tara na mga dipungal kamo.

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