PH top PR strategist compares Robredo’s daughters with children of predecessors. Read why!

The Philippines top PR strategist Malou Tiquia has taken a jab at Vice President Leni Robredo’s daughters on Facebook, eliciting mixed reactions among her socmed followers.

Tiquia compared Robredo to the country’s two presidents to highlight the disparity of how she behaves versus her predecessors. She also took a jab the daughters of Leni Robredo for dipping their hands in politics, which she said never was problem with the children of the two previous VPs.

“Two previous Vice Presidents performed their works quietly and without much fanfare. Both never questioned their presidents publicly. De Castro was egged on to withdraw support from PGMA. He stood by her. Binay worked hand-in-hand with PBSA3. He offered advice when asked. Both remained in the background and their kids never entered in the limelight to comment against the respective president.”

Tiquia remarked that when the Marcos children were given public functions, some raised a hoot. But the same cannot be said when Robredo’s daughters are meddling in local politics. She can’t help but ask what is the difference?

“When the Marcos kids were getting involved in some public functions, some raised it as an issue. So what is the difference then and now?”

To drive home her point, Tiquia cited one last example which she thinks will make the public understands what she has been trying to say from the very beginning.

“If PRRD rants publicly, it is called a presidential tantrum. When kids of the VP make a joke on Twitter, its freedom of speech.”

One netizen echoed Tiquia’s sentiment in her FB post and commented: “GMA, Noli and even Binay was not attacking the sitting president in media or public speech back when they were VP. But this hag from Bicol was so hungry for the highest position it was attacking the president from the start. I hope this serves as an eye opener that the president should be elected together with his/her chosen VP.”

This netizen commented that Robredo has been acting this way because she has this feeling of entitlement. “You know DISENTE they were the epitome of entitlement, we are unfortunate to have a LIAR vp, from the very start they want to still the Presidency by lying and creating LIES LIES LIES and never ending LIES.. palit ulo.. ejk.. bikoy damn these yellow termites.”

Another netizen cannot help but share her comment with regards to Robredo’s daughters.

“Para kasing hayok na hayok sa kapangyarihan ang dalawang bagets. Walang ka delikadeza. I remember when PGMA did not appoint her daughter a position in the embassy even when her daughter topped the FSO exams on all her own merit. Freedom of speech is one thing but disrespecting your mother’s BOSS is another.”


Source: Malou Tiquia

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