Phil Star reporter compares Duterte’s fluency in English to Erap. Do you agree with her?

Mayor Joseph Estrada of Manila has angered the supporters of Mayor Duterte for calling Duterte ‘local’ and not fit to run for the Presidency. In addition, the former President accused Duterte of being a copycat.

The Mayor of Manila also accused Duterte of copying his womanizing, but what sets him apart is that, he has more finesse than Duterte when it comes to women.

These controversial statements already angered the Duterte supporters. But wait. I believed the Duterte supporters have missed something that I believed should raise more howl when the writer wrote this:

Both are not fluent in English, but make fun of their language difficulty.

You may check the screenshot below.

Philstar reporter compared Duterte's fluency in English to Erap

Philstar reporter compared Duterte’s fluency in English to Erap.

The news writer who wrote the controversial post is none other than Sheila Crisostomo.

The response of Mayor Duterte should give his supporters something to look forward to when the Christmas break is over.

What do you think about the writer’s comparison of Mayor Duterte’s proficiency in the English language to Erap Estrada? Do you think it is valid?

Source: Philippine Star


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