Philippines can EASILY be the second Syria if ISIS left unchecked in Mindanao? Post explains why Martial Law is necessary

While it is wrong to make a sweeping generalization, but many of those against Martial Law in Mindanao are STILL ignorant of the REAL face of terrorism.

This is the central theme of the Facebook post of Kim Iqs who lamented that people resisting Martial Law are more afraid with military abuses than the spread of terrorism, ISIS style.

The writer did not hold his punches and mentioned the names of politicians and boisterous groups opposing the imposition of Martial Law in Mindanao. The likes of Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Robredo, UP entitled students, intellectuals, and yes, the Duterte critics (the worst kind) made it to the list.

Read the post below.


Most Filipinos are STILL ignorant of the REAL face of terrorism.

This is why many are still resisting Martial Law in Mindanao and are more afraid of military abuses than the unchecked spread of terrorism, ISIS style.

Who is resisting? Mostly people from Luzon, the ones who have not seen terrorism eye to eye – enter Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Robredo, UP entitled students, intellectuals, and yes, the Duterte critics (the worst kind).

For most of these FOOLS (sorry, lack of alternative term), terrorism is just mass shooting in France. Posting “pray for Paris” in their FB is the most sober they can ever be about terrorism.

But ISIS terrorism is a different organism. It integrates into society easily, like cancer, secretly multiplying. The Bohol attempt was a good example of ISIS style expansion. They marry into the women of a society. They take their time. They feed on the weakness of the host government.

Basilan, Cotabato, Zamboanga, Midsayap, Jolo, and Davao are hotspots for Muslim separatism. With the entry of Abu Sayyaf, the western Mindanao hotspots are now mixed with unadulterated terrorism. With the entry of ISIS in Mindanao as seen in the recent Marawi seige, the ball game for terrorist activity just went up multiple notches.

We are dealing with well armed, well budgeted, well led terrorist group in Mindanao. In classic military doctrine, Mindanao is a beachhead, a preliminary stronghold for the Asian region, the very reason why Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia are biting their nails in fear.

Rewind a year ago, Turkey was complacent about the ISIS threat. But France, the UK, other European countries were nervous about the ISIS’ Syrian push to the Turkish border.

Months forward Turkey is in shambles and is now considered a terrorism launchpad for European attacks. The Philippines WILL BE THE TURKEY OF ASIA without the complete, full, severe resistance from the Duterte administration.

I am a Mindanaoan and I shudder at the thought of the boldness of Maute to seige a whole town. This is not just a random attack. This is an announcement to the whole terrorism network in the world.

Martial Law? By all means! Sweep Mindanao cities with preemptive force to quell the ISIS growth.
Philippines can EASILY be the second Syria. 2 years is enough time for Liberals to overthrow Duterte, or render him powerless and struggling like ASSAD.

Why are we closer to the Syrian scenario? We have a huge Muslim population already angry at the national government. The leaders of these separatist groups can easily strike a deal with ISIS. ISIS has an impressive resume – Syria, Iraq, UK.

You are more afraid of Martial Law than ISIS? Wake up. This is not imagined scenario. This is happening in Marawi. It is playing out. And all you could think about is military abuses? You people need to read more ISIS literature. Be informed about human rights abuses, ISIS STYLE.

This Martial Law could be the last line of defense against ISIS expansion in South East Asia.

And yeah, for people who are comparing the communism threat in Marcos’ propaganda with Duterte’s Martial Law and the Marawi seige, this I must say, stop taking drugs. Clearly you are delusional.

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Source: Kim Iqs

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