Phl law says casinos off-limits to politicians etc.. But this Negros lawmaker is co-owner of soon to rise Boracay casino?

For obvious reason, mainstream media is hell bent on highlighting the Chinese angle of the controversial Boracay casino.

Pro-Duterte blogger Krizette Laureta Chu appeals to the general public on Facebook, that includes the mainstream media to focus instead on the Filipino businessman partner.

Why? Rightly so because how can a politician own a casino when the law says politicians and government officials can’t even be seen near a casino? Ironic, isn’t it?

Chu lamented that critics crucified Mocha Uson performing at a casino while at the same time, she is an Asec to PCOO.

Chu wonders if President Duterte has been told by his allies about Benitez.

Chu also wants Duterte to watch out for his allies and not to get complacent.

Meanwhile, Chu tells Robredo that the Boracay casino issue is the right time to oppose the government.

You may read the full text of the post below.

The Hong Kong owner of Galaxy is Hong Kong’s sixth richest man LUI CHE WOO.

The Filipino owner of Leisure and Resorts World, partner to the HK-owned casino, is Negros Occidental congressman Rep Albee Benitez.

Interesting that a politician will own the proposed casino. Isn’t there a rule that says politicians and government officials can’t even be seen near a casino? Di ba big deal that Mocha performed in one? Benitez used to be an ex LP chair in Negros, who supported Poe in the last elections, and is the son of powerful Marcos era minister Jolly Benitez.

At one time, he was the second richest congressman after Pacquiao. Now he is the third, SALN wise. The family owns (or used to) PHILIPPINE WOMEN’s UNIVERSITY.

What’s very interesting is that Alvarez floated his name as a senatorial candidate under PDP LABAN for 2019. (Alvarez, the person Sara Duterte hates even if he is her father’s ally.) It was also Alvarez who swore in Benitez as PDP LABAN member.

(Benitez chairs the House committee of housing and urban development which is now conducting probe on the housing projects in Yolanda-hit ares in Tacloban and Leyte.)

Andaming nag jump ship ano?

I really want to know: What has the President been told by his allies?

Leni Robredo, nabahala ka sa mga walang kuwentang issue, now this is the time to oppose the government. Pag mga ganito, dapat dito ka nababahala. Ito legit reason mabahala.

Baka mali ang tanong at focus natin, mainstream media. Stop putting the focus on the Chinese angle because Lui Che Woo is a private businessman from Hong Kong and mainland China and its government is not involved. The casino is NOT a Mainland China project and the media and critics should stop angling the project as a favor to China by Duterte.

Don’t you think the focus should be on the Filipino partner who is an ally and member to the ruling party of PDP LABAN? And if Alvarez has his way, even a possible senator?

Shouldn’t we focus on the Filipino partner since we can convince Albee Benitez to stop this madness more than we can convince HK’s richest businessman? After all, hindi makakapasok ang foreign players without Filipino partners.

Why do we keep insisting on the Chinese angle? Why not focus on Albee Benitez? Stop with your anti Chinese propaganda so you can actually do something about this issue rather than just fearmongering.

Mas may pananagutan si Albee Benitez sa bansa nya, at may responsibilidad syang alagaan ito, more than the Hong Kong businessman. We have to ask him to take care of his country. After all, a person who wants to be a Senator means he wants the best for this country, right?

President Duterte, look around you and please check your “allies.” We are watching.

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