Photo of Leni Robredo arriving in Basilan at night and by boat stirs controversy. Kakampink from Basilan tells real story in FB post

On March 16, 2022 at 9:35 PM, ABS-CBN News reporter Jervis Manahan’s nonchalantly tweeted:

Actor Edu Manzano picked up Jervis Manahan’s tweet and retweeted it, praising Robredo for doing something he didn’t even dare do like traveling to Basilan at night. Described it “Tapang” with three exclamation marks.

Atty. Trixie of the Luminous wasted no time in raining on Edu Manzano’s parade by going to Facebook and countered that there was nothing brave about Robredo going to Basilan by night because the standard operating procedure, especially for high government officials, the visitor will have military escort at all times. Foreign tourists and public figures are likewise given military escorts. [Link here]

The FB followers of the Luminous jumped into the comment section to share their thoughts on the photo of Leni Robredo arriving Basilan by boat and at night which Edu Manzano considered this act “tapang”.

Netizen #1 commented that perhaps this is just for photo-ops. Traveling at night, especially on a small boat and ill-equipped is dangerous.

Baka naman posing posing lang yan 😂😂😂Mahirap magbiyahe sa gabi lalo na at maliit lang na bangka at hindi fully equipped ha ha ha. Lokohin ninyo ang mga nasa mental hospital😂😂😂

Netizen #2 asked if are we going to vote for Robredo because she is brave? This is not the kind of bravery people look for in a candidate.

Ano ba? Boboto na tayo kay lenlen dahil sya ay.matapang daw? D man iyang klasing tapang hinahanap ng tao. Kadaming escort at kadaming canera na naman! Trying hard.

Netizen #3 commented that Edu Manzano is no doubt an actor because he knows too much drama. Let Robredo travel to Basilan alone and at night, then they can talk.

Daming drama Edu Manzano artista ka talaga. Let her travel alone at night all by herself to Basilan then we will talk!

Netizen #4 who claimed he is from Basilan slammed Edu for knowing nothing. The netizen told Edu to ask Leni Robredo the real story because as local resident, they know what really happened.

Edu Manzano, halata wala kang alam. Ginawa ka nila tanga. Taga Basilan po ako. Ask Madam Leni the real story dahil marami Nakakaalam ano talaga. Hinde kame ang niloko nila, niloko nya kayo mga supporters ginawang tanga at naniwala sa kanya.

So what is the real story?

The Facebook page Isabela de Basilan posted on March 16, 2022 to give us a picture how Leni Robredo traveled to Basilan from Zamboanga City.


Source: Facebook

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