Photos of Abigail Binay’s “modest” modern home quickly deleted; resurfaces for public view

The post by a website parading the modern home of Mr. Luis Campos & Mrs. Abigail Binay – Campos has disappeared from the web after it attracted the curious eyes of netizens.

Abigail Binays scandalous home

Credits to TELCS Lighting

In the website of TELCS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY, a company providing lighting services to the homes of upper class families in the country, the house of the daughter of Presidential aspirant VP Binay was paraded inadvertently by the said website as part of its portfolio. You may check the deleted link here.

After making the rounds online, the link showing the photos of the beautiful house of the Makati mayoralty candidate went viral, a few hours it was shared. The next day, the link was deleted from the said website to stop the netizens from accessing the said photos. You may check the saved photos of Abigail Binay here.

Unfortunately, instead of nipping the issue in the bud, it further heighten the interest of the netizens curious what is the fuss all about. Thinking it was deleted and erased from the world wide web, TELCS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY thought they could rest easy now until a copy of the article showing the photos of the house of Abigail Binay resurfaces again.

Here’s the description of Abigail Binay’s home provided by the website:

A modern-contemporary inspired design residence owned by Mr. Luis Campos & Mrs. Abigail Binay – Campos. This is a City house for a politician couple, located in San Lorenzo Village Makati City, with a total lot area of 375sqm. The Two-storey residence features a high ceiling living room with mezzanine. TELCS proposed custom made suspended fixtures which will serve as general lighting at the same time provides soft glow of illumination for a more cozy effect. TELCS also utilized track lighting to achieve a flexible high-lighting of the big paintings and a welcoming art piece. Most of the ceiling structure is slab therefore all wiring was concealed and hidden as much as possible.

The lighting consultant also introduces Eltako, a wireless remote dimming system to provide a flexible switching patterns, light and mood scenes and also to have savings on the roughing-ins needed for a conventional wired lighting control.

A modern contemporary house, doubling as a private art gallery with artworks displayed over 3 levels. The skillfully chosen lighting effects had to highlight large artpieces as well as sculptures and created a lighting masterpiece of the finetuned interior.

Lightscenes for every mood were set with the state of the art, energy-saving Eltako dimming system, a system that can dim all used LED’s flickerfree.

Due to extremely high ceilings, the Living room lighting was a challenge. By using a mix of droplights, high powered ceiling lights, wallwashers and tracklights, TELCS achieved high lux levels that could be dimmed down to a soft glow for a romantic evening. At the same time sculptures and paintings were brighter lit, to show the magic of the house.

Rounding off the composition, a special touch was achieved with the limited edition droplights of the world famous designer Cobonpue.

Take note: Kenneth Cobonpue, world famous designer, provided the limited edition droplights for Abigail Binay’s home.

Whatever the reason for deleting the said post, it open up the opportunity for the Binay critics to put them in the defensive mode because it gives the impression that the homeowner is trying to hide something from the public.

Naging viral ang “Bahay ni Abigail Binay” kahapon. Pinatanggal sa “telcs-design” na website. Buti na lang may ng-backup. Rest house pa lang ito. Hanap pa kayo jan. #binaymoves

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