Photos of BBM & Inday Sara meeting in Davao City start speculation frenzy of possible 2022 tandem among netizens, pro-Duterte bloggers

The Duterte supporters, including bloggers identified with President Duterte have gone on speculation frenzy after photos of Bongbong Marcos, Imee Marcos and Inday Sara Duterte circulated online yesterday.

The Sara Duterte-Marcoses children meeting first appeared in the FB page of SMNI, the news network connected with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Credits to SMNI for the photo.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook to tell Leni Robredo in her “wacky” style to forget about her presidential aspiration if indeed the Sara Duterte and Bongbong Marcos tandem in 2022 is for real.

Chu called the BBM and Inday Sara the tandem to beat because they are getting most of both worlds – Luzon and Mindanao.

“Kung totoong Sara Duterte and BBM na, I’m sorry, but forget it about it, Mama Leni.

Their picture is like, “eat your hat out!”

Keep that bear in mind—this is the tandem to beat. It’s already getting the most of both worlds—Luzon and Mindanao.

To all Leni supporters, don’t just do something, stand there!

Hay Mama Leni, what’s a beautiful girl like you? 😢

Chu’s FB post has gone very viral in just over 11 hours since she hit the “publish” button on FB, generating over 27,500 reactions, 1,400+ shares and 2,600+ comments.

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza who relayed the Inday Sara-BBM/Imee meeting in Davao City earlier than Krizette Chu also went viral, generating 17,500+ reactions, 1,400 comments and 359 shares in just 14 hours.

The FB posts of Krizette Chu and Jay Sonza has been met with optimism from their socmed followers that indeed the two leading candidates in social weather surveys are cooking up something for 2022.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “Indeed a tandem to Beat…waiting and excited na for other team to show up. We truly need leaders that would help and serve our country wholeheartedly.”

“Kahit sino sa inyong dalawa sa Pres at Vice Pres sa 2022 #marcosduterte2022,” commented another.

Meanwhile on Sonza’s FB thread, netizens agree that Sara Duterte — Bongbong Marcos possible tandem in 2022 election is indeed a team to beat, Sara for President and BBM for Vice but not the other way around.

“Hwag ipipilit na Si BBM ang tatakbo President at Si Mayor Sarah ang Vice President dhil malaking pagkakataon matalo si BMM dhil mron mga supporters si PRRD na ayaw kay BBM because of Marcos history,” commented one netizen.

To which another replied: “Mas malakas ang hatak kapag SARA-BBM 2022 ang tandem. Sure win! Remember hindi naipanalo ni BBM ang protesta nya ky Leni kaya may epekto yan kapag tumakbo syang Presidente bk talunin pa sya ni Pacquiao.Remember smartmatic? Landslide votes ang need natin para hindi na makaporma ang mga dilawan at oligarch. The Duterte’s can deliver landslide votes while the Marcoses can’t.”

Some netizens don’t mind who will run as President and Vice President between the two, as long as they run as President/VP tandem

“Unbeatable tandem if it will push through…God willing..” commented one netizen.

“Unbeatable tandem khit anong combination!” commented another.


Source: Krizette Chu

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