Photos of Duterte wading in murky water at Davao flood, instant hit; critics downplay Mayor’s exploits

Photos of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wading in the flood waters during by a flash flood is doing the rounds online recently and has generated mixed reactions from netizens.

Duterte photos in Cotabato flash flood

Credits to JM Bhe Yha

Edit: Flash flood occurred in Bankal Davao City not in Cotabato

In a Facebook post shared recently by JM Bhe Yha, the netizen published the photos of Mayor Duterte, who purportedly ran to the aid of the victims of the Bankal Davao City flash flood in 2011 on short notice.

Ms. JM Bhe Yha, a self-confessed Duterte supporter, posted the photos of the good deed by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to prove a point that the Mayor embodies the spirit of a true public servant, a trait of a compassionate leader.

The photos has been well-received by the Duterte supporters for obvious reasons. However, his harshest critics among netizens quickly downplayed the act of Mayor Duterte and dismissed it as “common” and ordinary among politicians.

Carmela Castillo wrote:

Ginagawa ng lahat yan. Epal (Everyone is doing it. Epal!)

Marietta Tangulan Onofre reacted:

Yan lang ??? Nung Ondoy, sa Marikina, dumating si Richard Gutierrez na naka jet ski at niligtas si Christine Reyes mula sa pagkasalanta. HAHAHAHA !!! Sa tingin niyo po ba. magagamit youg rescue boat na yan sa babaw ng tubig ??? LOLZ !!! Pa hero pa more !!! LOLZ !!!(Is that it? When typhoon Ondoy struck Marikina, Richard Gutierrez came in jet ski to rescue Cristine Reyes from the flood. Hahaha. Do you think the rescue boats can be of any use with flood water that shallow? LOL! Come one, keep playing the hero card. LOL!!!

She’s not done yet and posted this:

Ah. So it’s okay for someone to run for President even if he doesn’t have the experience? Di ba yan din ang kaso kay Grace Poe? Actually lumalabas na mas may experience pa si Grace Poe sa mga national issues kesa kay Duterte, because she’s a senator, am I right ?? And so far, all he’s shown on his campaign is that he has a dirty mouth and a dirty mind. Kung common sense ang paguusapan, di ba common sense din ang HINDI pagboto kay Duterte??? (Isn’t that the case of Grace Poe? Actually, it appears Grace Poe is more experienced than Duterte in national issues since she is a senator, am I right? And so far, all he’s shown on his campaign is that he has a dirty mouth and a dirty mind. If we talk about common sense, not voting for Duterte, makes a lot of sense, right?

The critics forgot to take into account that Mayor Duterte is merely a Mayor of Davao City, and not yet contemplating of running for President when this happened and not a politician who holds a national position.

Duterte to the rescue in Cotabato flash flood 2011

Duterte to the rescue in Cotabato flash flood 2011



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