Physician supporter of Duterte slams mainstream media for highlighting Gabby Concepcion/Lopez gaffe but ignoring Cocoy Dayao scandal

While the mainstream media treated the Gabby Concepcion/Lopez gaffe of Duterte like a ground-shaking news, the mainstream media completely ignored the Cocoy Dayao case.

Assistant Secretary to the DSWD Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy took to Facebook taking a swipe at the mainstream media who ignored the biggest news on social media, the Cocoy Dayao scandal, allegedly the man behind “Pinoy Ako Blog” and the FB page “Silent No More” responsible for posting malicious attacks against Duterte and the seven senators who were accused of refusing to dance to their tune in filing a senate resolution condemning extra-judicial killings.

Badoy did not spare the CBCP and Randy David, asking them if they will also condemn Cocoy Dayao just as they did against pro-Dutertte blogs they labeled as “fake news”.

Doon sa mga walang kahihiyang mainstream media who saw it fit to print and report on tv the Gabby Concepcion/Lopez gaffe of the President like it were REAL news, let me help you do your jobs.


PCOO Web Security Consultant of the Aquino Administration Cocoy ‘Betlog’ Dayao, is behind the countless Anti-Duterte websites and blogs. A true Purveyor of Fake news.

Will this earthshaking expose’ see front page –as it would in unbiased newspapers?

Will this merit a column from you, Randy David–someone so concerned about FAKE NEWS?

Will this merit a pastoral letter from the CBCP?

Will this cause the haters to reconsider that they’ve been played and that their hate, in fact, stems from the lies peddled by a scum sucking bottom feeder with an agenda– Cocoy Dayao?

And that this agenda is the destruction of our country?

I can dream, can’t I?

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