“Pinaka-nakakainis” —News5 host & lawyer on Anne Curtis-Smith’s tweet demanding compassion for grieving mother

News5 host and lawyer Bruce V. Rivera called Anne Curtis-Smith’s tweet “pinaka-nakakainis” or very annoying in a Facebook post.

In a Facebook post with the title, “COMPASSION FOR A GRIEVING MOTHER” Atty. Rivera talked about the hypocrisy of the leftist group who are demanding compassion for their grieving colleague because they know very well Filipinos easily falls for this kind of drama because by nature, we are compassionate people.

“Filipinos are naturally compassionate. So, it is so easy for opportunists like the CPP/NPA and its legal fronts and unwitting cohorts to take advantage of the situation. And the hypocrisy pisses me off.

“Imagine reading people feel angry because the allegedly police did not give the compassion to a grieving mother, Atty. Rivera lamented the fallout of the leftist deception.

Atty. Rivera can’t help but cussed at people playing with the emotions of fellow Filipinos. “The hell….WTF? Mapapamura ka sa lantarang panloloko ng mga ito.”

Atty. Rivera went on to debunk the issues raised by the wokes, dilawans and Reds on social media one by one.

First, Atty. Rivera corrected the notion that it was the PNP who escorted Nasino to the burial. On the handcuff issue, Rivera justified the BJMP’s action of not removing Nasino’s handcuff because as a detainee, she is bound the rules of her detention.

“Una, it is not the PNP but the BJMP who was the one who handled the mother. Her handcuffs were removed but she proceeded to make a gesture of defiance. If that is her way of grieving then please do not blame the authorities why the handcuffs stayed. She is still a detention prisoners and even if not yet convicted, she is bound by the rules of her detention.

Second, Atty. Rivera slammed the argument of people comparing treatment of prisoners like former First Ladies and even national politicians, calling it pathetic argument. Atty, Rivera explained that VIP’s like Imelda Marcos are not handcuffed because they do not pose a risk to society. But someone like Nasino who was accused of illegal possession of firearms does.

“Second, when you compare the treatment of prisoners from how former First ladies or even national politicians are treated is really a pathetic argument. Why? Every prisoner is treated worse than any celebrity or national politician. These are people who have reached some level of recognition because they are loved by many people. So at some level, they will get preferential treatment. And the reason why VIP are not handcuffed is the fact that they do not present a risk to society that a handcuff can restrain. Hindi pupuslit si Imelda o di kaya si Sen Bong sa harap ng madaming tao. What’s the point, kilala sila at paano tatakbo si Madame o si GMA eh naka wheel-chair na. Pero sa mga accused ng possession of firearms, tanggalan mo ng handcuff? Eh paano kung mang-agaw ng baril?

Third, Atty. Rivera laughed off the allegation the police planted the evidence. He asked why bother to use illegal means to a complete nobody? He asked why not plant evidence on Satur or those noisy critics in their houses to make the story more believable? Besides, in this day and age where everyone owns a hi-def camera, there must have been a video somewhere when the planting of evidence happened.

“Third, sa nagsasabi na planted ang mga baril…ito na lang. Kung gusto talaga nating makahuli ng may silbi, bakit yung mga di kilala ang pagplantan natin ng baril. Di ba napaka walang kwenta. Hindi tayo sure paano ikonek sa samahan tapos ang depensa nila ay planted. Bakit di na lang si Satur o di kaya ung mga maiingay ang lagyan natin ng baril sa bahay nila para swak na swak. Yang planting na yan, sa panahon na halos pati mga askal ay may camera na high def, may nakarecord na sana at nailabas na sana ito. Ginagawa niyo kaming tanga sa argument na yan.

Fourth, Atty. Rivera confessed he was annoyed of Anne Curtis’ tweet demanding compassion for a grieving mother. He hoped Anne Curtis expressed the same level of anger when several mothers of 14-16 years old have come out crying because the group the grieving mother belonged to are charged with recruiting their children to become NPA’s.

“Fourth, ito pinaka nakakainis…compassion of a grieving mother by Anne. Yes, losing a three month old na baby is painful. But the same level of anger sana when several mothers of 14-16 year old children have come out crying because the group that the grieving mother belonged to are charged with recruiting their children, brainwash them and letting them be in the frontlines of the war in the mountains…wala kayong comment. Nung sinara ng mga funyets bwisets ang page nila, kami lang ang may uproar. What does it say about you???

Atty. Rivera remarked that one cannot preach compassion if it is selective.

“You cannot preach compassion if it is a specialized feeling for one and not for everyone. Kung nahabag ka sa nanay ngayon, nahabag ka din sana sa mga nanay na nawalan din ng anak dahil sa kalabisan ng iba.

Atty. Rivera wrapped the rant by leaving Anne Curtis and company some words to reflect.

“Otherwise, ginagamit o nagpapagamit lang kayo. And either way, the hypocrisy is dangerous.”


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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