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Pinay OFW goes beast mode after Magdalo Rep. Alejano called President Duterte “unpresidential and disrespectful of women”

Gary Alejano

Gary Alejano

Credits to News5 for the meme.

“Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.”

The quote above perfectly describes the reaction of a female OFW and Duterte supporter after Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano condemned the presidential kiss as “unpresidential and disrespectful of women.”

Pinay OFW and social media blogger Hedda Joy Tady Tan vented her anger at Alejano on Facebook, telling him that she would take a president over him and Trillanes, any day, who refuses to be politically correct in all instances, yet SHOWS US ALL WITH TANGIBLE RESULTS.

“I would take a president, any day, who refuses to be politically correct in all instances, yet SHOWS US ALL WITH TANGIBLE RESULTS, that indeed, he is FOR COUNTRY and that he safeguards our pride and safety as OFWs.

I’d take.him any day, over you and Triillanes, whose only aim in life, it seems, is to stay relevant for the next election.”

At this point, Tan recalled the treacherous and cowardly act of Alejano and Trillanes by taking the fight overseas (ICC Hague) rather than within the local political arena.

“Instead of “fighting” Duterte from within the 7,500 islands of the Philippines, what did you two do? You went to the Hague, masquerading as “patriots”, and went on to malign the president with your “evidence” harvested from very biased mainstream media in the Philippines, and went on to spread malice about what is happening in our country at the ICC.”

Tan accused of trying to hit two birds with one stone: playing a stunt to prop up his senatorial bid while undermining Duterte’s hold of power and replace him with Robredo.

Why don’t we call your stunt for what it truly is?
1. Your campaign propaganda for the 2019 senatorial bid.
2. Your wish and your malicious attempt to oust a duly elected president, while the Vice President you and Trilllanes is allied with, is embroiled in electoral fraud.

Tan scolded Alejano for forgetting to take into consideration the negative impact of their destabilization moves in the country because of their hunger for power.

“Alejano, you never thought about the potential negative economic impact you could have wrought, had the world listened to you and Trillanes’ lies, had other countries stopped investing in the Philippines or if other leaders happened to be as stupid as you lot, and began their own moves towards non-support to Filipinos based globally, who support the president. No. You never thought about that.”

“You were too focused on destabilizing the country, on maligning the presidency, so you come out some kind of ‘hero’,”added Tan.

Tan remarked she never wished ill of anybody but out of frustration, she wishes Alejano to fail in his senatorial ambition come 2019.

“I have never wished ill of anybody in my entire lifetime, but today, and until election time 2019, I wish you will be met with the most epic of failures in your ambitions to be a senator. You are inconsiderate of Filipinos who don’t share your “color”, and that makes you unfit to get a senatorial seat.”

Tan ended her post by telling Alejano and Trillanes that they are the reasons why some women are shying away from marriage.

“Men like you and Trillanes, are the reasons why some women would never marry, why some women have become disenfranchised by what used to be a Filipino tradition of raising a family. And do you know why?

It is because, men like you PRETEND to champion women’s causes. But in reality, men like you are the enemy of women. Men like you do not have an inkling about what it means to be a MAN : one who quietly works and effects laws and policies that truly protect women’s rights and freedoms. That man, is exemplified in Rodrigo!”

Your thoughts?

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