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Ping Lacson fires back at Leni Robredo for “maraming salita pero kulang sa on ground na gawa” statement in Boy Abunda interview

Senator Ping Lacson just incinerated Leni Robredo on Twitter!

An hour or so after Leni Robredo threw him under the bus in the Boy Abunda interview, Senator Ping Lacson did not pass the opportunity to retaliate at the Vice President who accused him of being an “all talk, no action” type of politician.

Lacson belied Robredo’s description of him while throwing shade at Robredo, saying he is not the “ma-epal”type of politician every time he extended help to calamity victims or helping individual who ask for help.

Senator Ping Lacson’s tweet elicited mixed reactions from the Twitter verse. The pro-Leni crowd minces no words in expressing their displeasure at the senator from Cavite. Of course, Lacson’s supporters defended him from the rabid supporters Robredo.

@Darwin_Castillo replied:

That was so disappointing answer from the VP. I thought she wants unity from the opposition but she do character assassination instead. Not a smart answer considering she is currently the VP of the nation. [Link here]

@curiosity2022 tweeted:

Korek! Tumulong kahit walang media or camera. [Link here]

Meanwhile, Leni Robredo’s supporters attack Senator Lacson with everything they an throw at the presidential aspirant from Cavite.

@alwaysThirsty wrote:

Or senator po kasi kayo ever since kaya wala kayo sa ground. Legislative department po kasi kayo. Unlike VP or Mayor. Si Senator Pacqiao naman namumudmod ng pera talaga. With all due respect po, doing their work po should not be belittled as epal lang. [Link here]

@GayblovesKarJon called Lacson an enabler of Marcos and Duterte.

Nasa ground sya nung Metrocom under Marcos. Quiet din sa Duterte regime as a senator. Enabler. [Link here]


Source: Twitter

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