Pinklawan influencer calls PBBM “Panggulo” on Twitter, pro-PBBM influencers retaliates on Facebook with interest

The quality of their leaders is magnified 100X with the quality of their online “influencers”.

This is how Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous reacted to a Dilawan online influencer named Gerry Cacanindin who said PBBM’s first 60 days is a dismal failure because of its inability to address the shortages of many agricultural products like onion, sugar, garlic etc. In addition, Cacanindin slammed PBBM for acquiring additional P96B debt in July.

Cacanindin said in jest that the country’s economy needs to bottom out first before we can start climbing back again to the road to recovery because essentially this is the spirit of PBBM’s campaign slogan.

But before that, another Luminous admin made the courtesy of deflating whatever self-confidence Cacanindin has for writing such preposterous piece of tweet against PBBM admin.

Adrian Pascual, the other Luminous admin, responded to Cacanindin’s tweet point by point.

First, Adrian Pascual debunked Gerry Cacanindin’s claim that the PBBM admin added P96B to our national debt in July when external or internal debt cannot be processed in just a month.

Second, Adrian Pascual asked if its possible that sugarcane, garlic, onion and rice can already be harvested two months after the planting season? The answer is obviously “NO”.

Pascual ended the FB post by reminding everyone that the UNITEAM admin is just 2 months+ old.

You may now read Adrian Pascual’s savage takedown of the logic of the tweet of the Dilawan social media influencer named Gerry Cacanindin.

1. Naproprocess ba ang utang panglabas at pangloob ng isang buwan lang?

2. Natatanim at na-aani ba ang tubo, garlic, onion, isama na din natin ang bigas ng isa hanggang dalawang buwan lang?

3. Yung sinasabing salt shortage at problema diyan eh ngayon lang ba nag-umpisa at ang mga sinasabing solusyon eh magagawa ba ng isang buwan at makikita ang pagtaas ng supply sa 3 months?

Alalahanin na ang UNITEAM Administration eh 2 months+ pa lang. So ano na mga matatalinong PINKLAWANS? Yan ang online influencer ninyo nagsasalita oh.

Netizens had a good laugh watching Gerry Cacanindin’s ego smashed to smithereens by the Luminous admin duo of Atty. Ahmed and Adrian Pascual.

In fact, out of the 4,200 reactions elicited by the FB post, 2,700+ netizens hit Facebook’s laugh emoji. In addition, the post generated 1,000+ comments and 206 shares and still counting.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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