Pinoy-at-heart Brits wonders if Robredo forgot the Lupang Hinirang lyrics or disinterested because she forced to attend Duterte’s SONA?

Pinoy-at-heart British national Malcolm Conlan wonders why VP Leni Robredo was disinterested to sing the national anthem during yesterday’s SONA of President Rodrigo Duterte.

However, Mark Lopez, a critic of Robredo, was one of the firsts, if not the first to raise the issue on Facebook right after Duterte’s SONA ended.

Netizens ignore Lopez because he did not produce a proof like a video to support his allegation.

Social media continue to ignore it until this video from the FB page “Ordinary Filipino” surfaced on Facebook that netizens started to talk about it.

Two hours later, Britsh Malcolm Conlan posted on Facebook asking what happened to Leni Robredo.

Here’s what Conlan wrote on FB.

Sorry for my ignorance or maybe lack of understanding, however I would have thought that the current Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines would/should have actually known the words to the National Anthem?

Instead, she appeared to be looking down and appearing somewhat disinterested?

It’s like she had been forced to attend?

Of course it’s not compulsory to sing along to any National Anthem, however you would have thought that at an event of such national importance, the deputy leader of the country, should maybe lead by example?

Or maybe she is dreaming of a time that she could one day deliver her own SONA??? 🤣🤣🤣


Conlan’s FB followers tried their best to explain what happened by commenting on the thread.

Kristoffer Allen Ardanas

“Seems like she was already preparing her victim face in case Duterte insults her. What she didn’t think about is that the SONA is not about her, and the only reason Duterte even commented on her competence or lack of it, is because the media asked him.”

Mary Ging Caras

“Maybe she can’t memorize the NATIONAL ANTHEM anymore or nahiya lang sya magbuka ng bibig nya kaba maamoy ni Madame Helen Gamboa.”

Carolyn Gabayno

“Gusto nya kase naka salute sya habang nakanta ng lupang hinirang”

Your thoughst on this?

Sources: Malcolm Conlan Ordinary Filipino, Mark lopez

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