Pinoy-at-heart Englishman blasts viral photos of B!shop campaigning against Federalism inside the church?

Englishman Malcolm Conlan couldn’t help but react negatively of the alleged photo showing a priest and projector screen behind him that says “34 million did not vote for him (Duterte), so it is safe to conclude 34 million do not want federalism.”

Credits to photo owner.

If the photos were true and not photo shopped, Conlan wondered why the church is meddling in Philippine politics.

Conlan remarked he always thought that the role of the church leaders is to pray for their leaders, help the poor, pray for the sick and promote peace and unity.

According to Conlan, the photos appear to be a campaign against the democratically elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and his political will????

And lastly, Conlan questioned the logic of the church leaders for arriving with the conclusion that since 34 million did not vote for Duterte, is equal to 34 million not in favor of federalism?”

Read the text below.

Sorry dear friends, I’m not sure if this is a real account of what’s happening right now in the Philippines? Maybe it’s photo shopped? But just in case it is real, can someone explain to me why the Catholic Church in the Philippines is apparently meddling in politics?

I always thought that the role of Christians biblically was to pray for the leaders of the country, help the poor, pray for the sick, promote unity and peace?

Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems to be a campaign against the democratically elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and his political will????

Also, how on earth is the church able to say if the apparent 34 million people who apparently did not vote for President Duterte want federalism or not? Unless they can mind read?


Conlan’s FB post has once again opened the floodgates of antagonism against the church, particularly against its leaders who are anti-Duterte.

Jay Likenoother Inigo

“Shame on this Priest…How dare you condemn our President. Im also a Catholic and a Tax Payer at the same. Kaw Pare ka, may Income Tax kabang binabayaran? Mas may karapatan pa ang mga OFW sayo mag reklamo👊👊👊”

Jun Waga

“Matagal na ginagamit ang simbahan kaya marami sa kawawang pilipino nakakulong sa maling sistemang pinapairal kaya hanggang ngayon lubog pa rin sa kahirapan.”

Taran Omayan Neil Lloyd

“Wala n silang abuloy galing sa gobyerno. Maganda ang pamalakad ngayon. Ang PCSO malaki ang naitulong dahil nagbibigay sila ng billion pesos para sa health institutions. Di tulad noon ay nireregalo nlng sa CBCP ang pera. Kaya ngawa sila ng ngawa ngayon dahil tinanggal na ang pangregalo. Iyak na kayo CBCP. Gayahin nyo ang INC. may napupuntahan ang contribution nila.”

Jaymon Navarro Bacalso

“lah. catholic ako. pero hindi na tama yan. wala dapat ganyan sa simbahan. grabi naman”

While some want to believe this is fake, netizen Vera Liza Faith believes its legit.

“Shit Mukhang legit yong reflection kuha eh😤😡”

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