Pinoy pilots, netizens mourn death of pilot killed by NPA in low flying agriculture-related mission in Surigao

A veteran pilot died when NPA rebels allegedly fired upon his plane while on a crop dusting mission in Tagbina, Surigao on March 18, 2018.

Credits to Pinoy Aviators for the photo of Capt. Bert Laguda.

Capt. Lynbert Laguda Sr. was employed by Davao City-based DANA Farms Aviation Inc. at the time of the shooting incident.

According to Pinoy Aviators, Laguda “was on a low flying crop dusting mission when his single-engine biplane Grumman G-164 Ag Cat agricultural aircraft was fired upon in-flight by New People’s Army rebels at vicinity Tagbina Surigao receiving 3 bullet holes on the fuselage near the cockpit, wings and on the nose near the engine of his aircraft.”

Reports said that Captain Laguda safely managed to land his plane despite receiving mortal wounds on his back. One of the bullets entered and hit the pilots seats. hitting his back.

Captain Laguda reportedly died in the hospital afterlosing a lot of blood due to his wound.

The NPA started threatening to fire at AG planes as early as 2016 in Mindanao especially in Bukidnon.

It was not reported why the NPA rebels has been issuing threats to the aviation company but the NPA has a long history of violence when their victims refuses to pay revolutionary taxes. (Link here)

The Facebook page “Pinoy Aviators” remarked that Captain Laguda is a victim of NPA’s terroristic acts while keeping a prayer that the perpetrators be brought behind the bars.

“He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man. It wasn’t fair that your life had to end. You will always be remembered by your comrades in the sky,” Pinoy Aviators mourned.

Netizen Dalee Madia extend her condolences to the bereaved family. “Condolences… it’s time to wipe out those leftist.”

Netizen Nicandro Torreon condemns NPA atrocity. “Gagong NPA. Walang kalaban laban binaril”

Andrea Fujiyama slams the NPA for firing at a non-combatant helicopter. “Hindi naman Gunship yon, mga Hayop talaga itong mga teroristang CPP/NPA/NDF! Pahirap lng talaga itong mga bwisit na NPA! Mgs walang hiyang bandido!”

A highly emotional Kris Lyeung asks when will the government wipe out these maggots in society? “until when are we gonna wait that these maggots of the society be obliterated???”

Noel M. Espina left a message for the CHR: “CHR wala ba kayong gagawin in favor sa piloto?????o sa bumaril????”

The sad news of Capt. Laguda’s death at the hands of the NPA angered netizens, gathering 3,695 shares, 4.079 reactions and 654 comments on Facebook.

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