Pity you did not speak out before!!! — Brave girl reacts to Manny Pacquiao’s “your time is up” warning to corrupt in government

During his acceptance speech after he was named PDP-Laban’s presidential candidate (Pimentel wing), Senator Manny Pacquiao warned those in government who are taking advantage (corrupt), they will soon spend together in jail. Your time is up.

A netizen using the name Micks A. Redgrave took to Facebook to make a reaction post on the senator’s stern warning to corrupt people in government.

Pity you did not speak out before!!! wrote Redgrave.

Redgrave assailed Pacquiao for speaking only now against corruption in government when he has been in public service for the last 11 years.

After 11 years as public servant, it is only now that these problems assailing the nation comes to your mind. All the while you were busy making money for your political career to the point of missing congressional and senatorial meetings. You promised to reveal new scoop on this issue after your fight. We have waited in vain.

Redgrave conceded that Pacquiao is a name to reckon with in boxing but in politics, he is weightless. She also belittled the senator’s education but acknowledged he is street smart. She dared Pacquiao to learn more if he really care about our country.

In boxing, you are a heavyweight Pakyaw!!!

In politics, you are weightless!! Brains in between ears in limbo.

In ambition, you are so full of it!! Not that it is wrong.

In education and generàl knowledge, you hàve none except that you are street smart!!

If you really care about this country, learn more.

Redgrave said that Pacquiao’s billions might buy him the presidency but the possibility of losing is also there. But here’s the painful truth that the netizen said to the senator – the Philippines need a leader not a part time politician.

Your billions might elect you as president but maybe not. The future of this country is at stake. We need a leader not a pàrt time politician with no significant achievements for the country except being a hero in boxing.

Redgrave ended the FB post by leaving Pacquiao with a friendly advice.

Study more…You have enough time to do it. For now and in 2022, the presidency is not yours for the taking yet!!


Source: Micks A. Redgrave

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