“Plain arrogance & very cheap!” Netizen’s reaction after former DFA Sec. Albert del Rosario bared he expected it and want to test it re Hong Kong detention!

Instead of sympathy after his 3-hour detention ordeal in Hong Kong’s Immigration office, an angry netizen described the former top diplomat’s action as “plain arrogance”.

Tessa Roines minces no words in castigating del Rosario on Facebook after the former PNoy Chief Diplomat admitted that he sort of expected the detention in Hong Kong and just wanted to test it.

Roines couldn’t contain herself from giving the former top diplomat a tongue lashing, calling the stunt he pulled off in Hong Kong as “child’s play and very cheap.”

Roine said, “Filipinos has no sympathy for you either way you are treated in Hongkong.. “

You may start reading Tessa Roines full FB post below now.

Isn’t this plain ARROGANCE?

He claimed that his detention for 3 hours or so and the way he was “treated” is a violation of Vienna Convention? Then turned around and say “I sort of expected it, I want to test it”. Then his lawyer said that what happened to Del Rosario was an insult to the Filipino people.

Helllloooooooo Albert …!

That’s a child’s play and very cheap..!
Not even worth a retired man’s dignity let alone a self-proclaimed TOP DIPLOMAT. The Filipinos has no sympathy for you either way you are treated in Hongkong..

You actually put the embassy staff in Hongkong in a very awkward situation, used the government resources to fulfill your promised stunts to your co-destabilizers but above all, you put the whole country into shame for having a government official like you who would put his integrity and name into shame just to serve his master and to please his playmates with his so called adventures..

Shame on you, Albert 😈😈😈😈😈


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