Please tell me this is not true! Compulsory attendance for University students to attend the ‘Walk For Life’ in Luneta?

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I couldn’t help but notice that the crowd who attended Luneta’s ‘Walk For Life’ event were mostly young people.

Not to disparage those who went there on their free will and I admire those people for doing what they believed is right, but there are grumbling on social media that some of them were either coerced or given incentives to make attending the Luneta event irresistible.

Well, if you have read Eric Clark Su’s post on Facebook on Sunday morning, it appears that the event organizers used strong arm tactics, hmm, influence to make people attend Luneta’s event.

Here’s the post below.

Yesterday’s Walk for Life 2017 event had 20,000+ registrations.

Only about 9,000 to 10,000 came to March (Source: Manila Police). There were reports of university students, hospital and private sector staff being forced to attend the walk (private messages of students and employees). There are also reports of a big church group raffling P300k to members who will attend (source: MJ).

Less than 1,000 people stayed at the park for the talks and sermons as the culmination of the march. (Source: someone with a condo overviewing the park).



Netizens who’ve read the post of Mr. Su have a fun time offering their own explanation how the event organizers managed to gather the crowd in Luneta on Saturday.

Leewin Quieta wrote: “Additional grades yan…ka…+5 dretso sa final grade…lol..nag bayad pa jd mga students ana sa tshirt.well organize kaau tanawon…tapos bring your own baon pa”

This is not surprising because I remember in high school run by where I attended, my teachers would say either of these lines:  ‘attendance is a must’ , ‘plus 10 points to those who attend’, or ‘quizzes are suspended’.  By the way I attended a Benedictine sister-run Catholic school.

Rakhan Alex commented: Check attendance tyak yan para sure may additional points sa grade ng students. Kawawa nman ‘yang mga students n ‘yan. Alang FREEDOM. Hindi na po Marcos era ngaun ha? Pero ang kalakaran ay diktador from CBCP! OHA???”

Lhiz Pialago wrote: “You said it…the church congregation members here in our place were obligated to attend by d parish priest…at 1st they need to pay 250 for d shirt but free ride daw…but later on they just paid 100 4 d fare nd tshirt was cancelled…kaloka!”🙄

Roni Olaybar remarked: Yes, compulsory ang iba dyan. Nakakahiya na ang mga leader ng simbahan natin.”😩😩

Bayonet Troy wrote: Hahahah kalahati dyan napilitan Lang.”

Siakni Den commented: eh kung sabihing.., walang gra graduate o walng final grade ang di pupunta sa rally..,pupunta ka talga,hahhaha!! naman, mabantot na style ng katoliko! pwe!”

Do you agree with the netizen’s opinion about the Luneta event? Please comment below so.

Source: Eric Clark Su




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