Pnoy asks: “What can GMA do as House Speaker in ten months?” Lawyer responds: “Unlike you, Gloria Arroyo actually works”

When sought for his comment on CGMA as the new House Speaker during an ambush interview, Pnoy responded by posing a question to his bitter political enemy.

“What can GMA do in the remaining months of her last term as House speaker”?

Former President Noynoy Aquino speaks to the media after Liberal International's conferring of "Prize for Freedom" award to Sen. Leila De Lima. CNN Philippines

Posted by Makoi Popioco on Saturday, July 28, 2018

Whether the former President and now House Speaker CGMA did watch the CNN video wherein her former student posed the question or not, lawyer Trixie Curz-Angeles could resist the itch to speak in behalf of Arroyo and give Pnoy what he wouldn’t want to hear.

Here’s what Angeles told Pnoy on Facebook re “What can GMA do in the remaining months of her last term as House speaker”?

“I wish Noynoy Aquino wouldn’t embarrass himself like he unfailingly does. (Note: sinusulat ko ito sa English just in case makaabot sa kanya, because, you know, conyo).

What can GMA do in ten months, Mr. Former President? Pass the House version of TRAIN 2. Convene the House and Senate into a constitutional assembly to hammer out the amendments to the constitution for federalism. Pass the House version of the General Appropriations Act, and other legislation.

If she cracks the whip on the congressmen (many of whom voted for her) she can get the House to stick to the schedule.

Unlike you — and I’ve had differences with the both of you — Gloria Arroyo actually works.”

Angeles’ FB post has generated mocking and contemptuous remarks towards former President Ninoy Aquino III.

Arafat Pokaan

For compitent and experienced leader. 10 months is a lot.

Mahirap kay PNoy, 6 years in Power pero ang accomplishment lang is nasa drawings ang powerpoints.

Jeofry Dela Croix

Gloria works. Noynoy doesn’t. Literally.

Rayyan Rosario

Pag maraming pinasa, sabihin nirailroad. Pag wala naipasa, “sabi na nga ba eh, walang magawa” 🙄

Ping Thompson

Yes at least SGMA has good working ethics unlike Aquino he allowed people around him to do the job he should be doing so that when it fails he will just wash the way he handled SAF44 misfortune and the Scarborough issues by sending Trillanes thus we lost it to China because the ex-soldier who has no combat experience no diplomatic experience egocentric viciously operates foolishly. Noynoy grabs the credit out of Arroyo about a high economic growth which was felt during his term

Rosegen Tinopcal

Nonoy Aquino would likely to play a dota with in a span of 10 months for him is just too short to do good things of his office .Party party nalang at merienda with in 10 months at pasyal pasyal abroad yan ang constecsto ng serbisyo publiko ni Noynoy Abnoy Aquino😭😠😠

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