Pnoy criticizing Duterte’s war on drugs from ch^rch pulpit puts CBCP, church under fire on social media

During the mass commemorating the 35th death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino, ex-Pres. Noy Aquino bitterly spoke against Duterte admin’s war on drugs, particularly drug suspects who were allegedly k!lled after grabbing the gun of one of the arresting officers.

Screenshot taken from PDI article.

You may watch the video below in case you missed it.

While no one questions Pnoy’s criticism against Duterte’s war on drugs and yes, he is entitled to his opinion as our Constitution guarantees it, netizen James Mamaril’s only problem was why the church allowed the former president to use the sanctity of the lectern to express his political views.

Mamaril couldn’t help but asked where in the General Instructions of the Roman Mistral that specifically grants such privilege for non-priest to speak in the lectern.

Mamaril’s tweet has gained quite an engagement not only in Twitter but in Facebook.

Netizen using the handle may_o323@mcdongers says the CPCB’s action has caused a chasm among the faithful, rather than unite it thus further eroding the respect of the public.

Netizen 🇵🇭Karen D. Santos🦄@Kaye0909 wondered what happened to the so-called, ‘Politics is separate from church as church is separate from politics’ while blaming the Yellows for using the church to further their political agenda while destroying the credibility of the church along the way.

Meanwhile, Fiscal Darwin Canete of Caloocan was more than happy to share the screenshot of James Mamaril’s tweet because he says, Mamaril ‘has a good point’.

Surprisingly, Mamril’s tweet caught on with Canete’s social media followers, taking turns in hitting the CPCP mercilessly.

In less than 24 hours, Canete’s post has generated almost 5K shares, 1,647 reactions and 194 jeering comments directed at the chur*h.

Charles Ramirez Pera pera pera pera explains it all, kung top drug personality nga binibigyan nila ng parangal eh ano pa ung abnoy na mukhang minion 😂😂😂?

Alfred Depasucat Only in the Philippines, where Politics is mixed with Religion. Such a shame!

George Laguing They have assumed that all churchgoers are yellowtards like them. Wala sila respeto sa ibang mananamba na hindi nman sangayon sa pulitika nila…

Virgilio Vizcarra The R0man Cath0lic Church is a sanctuary for the LPs and yellows including drug Lords, drug addicts, rapist, killer, election cheater, Thieves in high positions, Oligarchs, unscrupulous businessmen etc etc

Jacob Gungon Coz this is pinas, oligarchs can do anything with the church

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