Pnoy government pocketed the P3B money released for the purchase of Dengvaxia dengue vaccine? This whistle blower says so!

All along the public thought that the government paid for the dengue vaccine to inoculate 400,000 schoolchildren in public schools, a whistle blower says otherwise.

The parody page “FVP Leni Robredo” alleges that someone pocketed the P3B, some say P4B, instead of the vaccine manufacturer SANOFI.

And worse, the drug manufacturer paid the politicians who gave the go signal to the vaccine manufacturer to conduct the clinical trial to our school children. How much? That we don’t know and it is the job of the senators to find out the truth.

On Facebook, “FVP Leni Robredo” writes:

Ang daming fake politicians and fake media talaga. Back when they were still doing PRs for the Dengue Vaccine, there were a few Filipinos on Twitter who were already calling their attention to stop this unethical DOH program by Garin. I’ve twitted several times about this (using previous/deleted twitter handle). I remember Dr. Teddy Herbosa (Ted Herbosa) was very vocal about it (@Teddybird) and Jane Uymatiao‏ The Philippine Beat was tweeting about it. Now that it’s full blown, saka sila mag papogi at pa press release.😤😡😬😩

As I’ve tweeted several times before, It was a clinical trial packaged as a DOH program. Nagpapogi pa ang DOH at sila PNOY. Doble doble ang kumita dyan sa kalokohan na yan. The Politicians behind that scam were paid by the Pharma company so they could hold the clinical trials. The budget that should have been given to the clinical trial subjects were pocketed by the politicians. The budget released to supposedly purchase the vaccines was also pocketed by the politicians who masterminded that scam. It never went to SANOFI because it was a CLINICAL TRIAL. And clinical trials are funded by investors and the billion-dollar worth pharma company. Mas masahol pa, hindi pa nasapat sila Noynoy at DOH Garin dun sa required number ng trial subjects. Imbes na a few thousands of children lang ang naging guinea pig, e dinagdagan pa nila at bumili pa ng sobra kaya naging 70,000 ang guinea pig at lumobo ang DOH budget sa 3.5B.

And this isn’t the first incident of Clinical Trial masked as a DOH Program. Remember the HPV (anti cervical cancer vaccine for Grade 4 students) program?! Same brouhaha! BILLION scam.

Is there any basis for the allegation? Well, according to Google and this link here, clinical trials are indeed paid.

What do you think?

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