Pnoy spent 10 billion pesos for APEC; unwilling to spend 15 billion pesos for free college education

Who wants to study in state colleges and universities for free? Is it even possible in the first place? Senator Bongbong Marcos believed so.

I’ve heard Bill Gates say that ‘Education is a great equalizer.’ That is why the richest man in the world donates part of his money to fund the education of the underprivileged students in the US with diverse backgrounds. Gates does this via a foundation his wife personally administers, “The Gates Millennium Scholars.”

Lately, many Filipino parents are totally sold to the idea that sending their kids to college is a great investment for the future of their children.

No wonder, many Filipino parents would do everything they can, just to be able to send their kids to school even if it means working overseas and get separated from their family for an extended period of time, in the name of education.

On a personal note, I’ve seen my mother selling all sorts of insurance plans to friends and acquaintances to earn a commission and pay part of our school tuition.

This is a story that is all too familiar to many Filipino families and many can relate to this.

Sadly, many Filipino families today are struggling to keep up with the high cost of sending their kids to school even to public tertiary colleges and universities.

As a result, many Filipino families cannot afford to pay for the college education of their kids and many of them could hardly get a job for obvious reasons.

I don’t want to raise your hopes, but if Senator Bongbong Marcos is to be believed, offering public tertiary education for free is possible if only the government can set aside 15 billion pesos to all state colleges and universities.

Senator Bongbong Marcos says that he had done his homework and the magic figure is no big deal since our national budget runs in the trillions of pesos. If we do this, Filipino families will stop working like dogs so that they can pay for the tuition fees of their kids.

“If the Pnoy government can spend 10 billion pesos for the APEC, why can’t the government allot money for this purpose,” asked the good senator.

Many people will ask if Bongbong Marcos has such a brilliant idea, why not implement it himself? The answer is obvious. He is just a lone voice in the Senate and remember what Roxas said to Mayor Romualdez post-Yolanda typhoon?

You may watch the short video now.

Libreng Edukasyon sa SUCs

15 bilyong piso sa national budget ang kailangan para sa libreng tertiary education taun-taon. Bakit hindi ito magawa kung 10 bilyong piso nga ang nagastos para sa APEC Summit ngayon?#FreeEducation #LibrengPaaral #BBM2016 #MyVP #VPBongbongMarcos #TheVice

Posted by Bongbong Marcos on Monday, November 16, 2015

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