Pnoy’s former Solicitor General on Rachel Peters: “I cannot support the bid of ANYONE with such view for Miss Universe.”

Normally, when a Filipino represents the country in international competitions, be it in the field of sports or beauty pageants, Filipinos rally behind our bet(s).

However, this year is going to be different, at least for our Miss Universe bet Rachel Peters.

On Twitter, Pnoy’s former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay made it clear that he is not supporting Rachel Peters because of her politics.

On 13 May 2017, Ms Rachel Peters told the Inquirer: we should trust in our President & trust that it’s he (who) knows what is best for our country.

I cannot support the bid of ANYONE with such view for Miss Universe.

Beauty is beyond looks; it’s an attitude.

Hilbay’s tweet elicited an adverse response from the supporters of Duterte on Twitter.

A netizen hiding behind the handle MadeinChina tells Hilbay to shut up if he has nothing good to say.

Another netizen joined the conveersation expressing one’s displeasure at Hilbay’s tweet.

Netizen Sandra D, apparently a fan of the former Solicitor General cannot hide her disappointment of her idol.

Meanwhle, the former Solicitor General has a fair share of followers too, willing to stand by him when he needs it.

Netizen Xenia says she is withdrawing her support for Rachel Peters knowing what she know now.

Netizen charisse vasquez says she agrees with the former SG too.

Your thoughts?

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