Police officer narrates first-hand experience of the good Samaritan heart of Duterte. MUST SHARE!

A post narrating the story of a police officer who was personally touched by the good Samaritan heart of Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

PSupt  Ildefonso Z. Asentista Ret

Credits to PSupt Ildefonso Z. Asentista Ret

In a Facebook post shared 1253 times, a netizen named Grace Ibondas Asentista Saraza did the narration of the story of Ret. P/Supt. Ildefonso Z. Asentista who experienced the fabled good Samaritan heart of Mayor Duterte.

According to the story of Grace Ibondas Asentista Saraza, a close family member by looking at her middle name, P/Supt. Asentista was gravely injured in the line of duty as an IED expert in the Davao City Police force.

By the grace of God, he survived the horrific experience, but he lost his eyesight in one eye and sustained serious head injuries.

But, other than God, he has so much to thank for especially to Mayor Duterte, who did not only personally visited him in the hospital to uplift his spirit, the Mayor personally attended to his medical needs by taking care of the hospital bill.

Out of gratitude, P/Supt. Asentista wishes to give back to Mayor Duterte as a sign of gratitude to tell his story to the Filipino people so that we will know that Mayor Duterte has a good heart and if by the grace of God he becomes President, the Filipino people is in good hands.

Please read the full text below to understand the entire story.

The Untold Story About Our Beloved Mayor Rody Roa Duterte As A Good Samaritan

Sometime in the early part of May 2000, I got hurt after disarming an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED). I was brought by my men to one of the private hospitals in the city. I suffered serious injuries on my head and my both eyes that affected my eye sight as a result of the incident.

When I was in the hospital I waited for almost 30 minutes in the emergency room with no one dare to check my condition. I prayed to our Lord God to keep and hold me, while one of my men was shouting for help, but there’s no one there to respond to the call. I keep holding my breath and in moment later I noticed that our beloved Mayor Rody Duterte was already inside the hospital. I heard his voice calling my name as he called me “Fonso” and in Cebuano dialect said: “Magpakabuhi Ka” and that was the word of the “Good Samaritan” for me telling to get alive. I noticed that people were milling around due to the presence of our beloved Mayor, and I heard him telling the hospital people to give me the immediate medical attention and further said in Cebuano dialect to quote “Atimana ninyo kining tawhana ug makulang man galing ang kwarta sa syudad ako ang mopono sa akong pondo gikan sa congreso”. He meant: “You attend to this man and if the money of the city is not enough to pay the hospital I have mine from my funds in the congress”. That time, he was our congressman of the 1st District of Davao City. I then extended to him my heartfelt thanks by giving back to him in saying “THANK YOU SIR” because I can’t open my eyes to see him. And he just said to me to stay alive as he will be back. He was the first government official to come which for me and my family owed him so much.

I was given the competent doctors to take care for me and with the accommodation of the ambassador’s room. I didn’t expect for that special treatment to happen in my ordinary life, but all I know is that God uses special person and that is our beloved Mayor Rody Duterte. I remember he visited me after two days if I’m not mistaken, which then I saw his face with a smile as my sense of seeing has got revived already. That his smile bears to foresee the healing of my wounds and I got healed in a matter of days only and though my one eye was removed, there was no regret as I know that my God would extend to my body the function on the part of it that I lack in order to live and be able to serve in the career where I was in.

I retired from the service three (3) years thereafter and that time our beloved Mayor Rody Duterte was back as our city mayor again. He is a great, great leader of our time. I have so many experiences and memories in working with him and I have many more stories to tell about our beloved Mayor but let me just take this first as my great memories of him, as the man of good courage. This is a testimony of one of his men like me. Can I ask you to please include him in your prayer request to our Lord God to provide him the good health and wisdom all the day long of his journey to become our next president? You can do it and consider the story of the “Good Samaritan”.

P/Supt. Ildefonso Z. Asentista-Ret.

The Untold Story About Our Beloved Mayor Rody Roa Duterte As A Good Samaritan Sometime in the early part of May 2000,…

Posted by Grace Ibondas Asentista Saraza on Sunday, March 27, 2016

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