Political blogger debunks claim BBM did not comply with CA decision to pay fines & penalties re failure to file ITR

ICYMI, there is a document from the RTC (Regional Trial Court) Branch 105 Quezon City to certify that there is no record on file of the ff:

  1. Compliance of payment or satisfaction of the Decision of the Regional Trial Court dated July 27, 1995 or the Court of Appeals dated August 31, 1997;
  2. Entry in the Criminal Docket of the RTC Decision dated July 27, 1995 as affirmed/modified by the Court of Appeal’s Decision.

The request was made upon the request of Atty. Teodore Te, one of the petitioner’s of BBM’s DQ filed at the COMELEC.

According to Atty. Te, this certification secured from the court strengthened their belief that BBM’s sentence remain unserved, hence their petition to have BBM DQ’ed is correct.

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Was Atty. Te correct that BBM’s sentence remain unserved for failing to pay the fines and penalties as ordered by the CA?

As far as TPL3 is concerned, Atty. Te is wrong because BBM did pay the penalty based on the article from Manila Bulletin, BBM paid the fines and penalties in line with the CA’s decision as per record of the BIR dated December 27, 2001. [Link here]

In a follow up FB post, TPL3 found the receipt proving that BBM indeed paid the fines and penalties in line with the CA’s decision.

You may now read TPL3’s full FB post below.

“Records showed that on Dec. 27, 2001, Marcos paid the BIR the fines and penalties in line with the CA’s decision.”

TEEEEEEEED! Dun ka nga dapat sa BIR nagpunta para hanapin yung resibo (ayan na nga o, may date of payment na. madali nalang hanapin OR number nyan ha. sharo), TAPOS, punta ka sa CA sa Korte Suprema…para verification and/or certification.

Ganun dapat, Ted. Hindi dapat na hanggang RTC lang inaasa mo ang documentation mo kasi mag kukulang talaga ang information mo kung hindi mo isasali ang documentation from BIR at CA. Paano na ang due process? Di ba importante sa inyong mga desenteng Oploks yung due process??


Source: TPL3

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