Political blogger Sass Sasot’s defiant message to Senator De Lima: “The only time you could silence me is if you put a warm bull*t in my head.”

An open letter chastising Senator Leila De Lima for naming a political commentator and blogger as one of those “responsible” for her “wrongful” arrest and detention circulates online.

Sass Rogando Sasot, an international relations graduate and also a staunch Duterte defender on social media, brushed aside De Lima’s allegation, saying she found it interesting that a private citizen, a political commentator with sizeable following on social media was blamed for what happened to the Senator.

In the open letter, Sasot returned the favor and blamed the Senator for her continued incarceration. For example, Sasot said that De Lima failed to file a counter-affidavit during the preliminary investigation phase of her case. Sasot explained that if the Senator presented her evidence to dispute the allegation, no probable cause would have been found that lead to her arrest and eventual detention. Rather, De Lima launched a political drama to gain the sympathy of the world.

Meanwhile, Sasot found it odd that De Lima did not name the judge who issued her warrant of arrest as well as the Supreme Court Justices who voted in favor of the decision declaring her arrest legal but a political blogger landed a spot in de Lima’s list as one of her tormentors.

Sasot remarked that between her and these judges, the latter have more power to order her arrest and detention, If indeed De lima believed she was wrongfully arrested and detained, Sasot asked why didn’t the senator name the judge and SC Justices in the list to be banned entry in the US and EU?

Sasot taunted De Lima to sue her if indeed the Senator believed she was responsible for her “wrongful arrest and detention,”

Otherwise, the detained Senator is politically persecuting people based on their speech, which happened to be against her, Sasot declared. Sasot accused De Lima of usin the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines to do the dirty trick to silence her critics.

Sasot, in a defiant tone, told De Lima that she can only be silenced by putting a bullet in her head. She may be retiring from political blogging, but she will not be cowed and delete her old articles criticizing the Senator, saying it is within her right to free speech even if it ruffles the feathers of Senators like de Lima and her powerful enablers.

Sasot advised De Lima to stop the political drama, the delaying legal tactics of her defense team that prevents the prosecution from presenting evidence against her, that would show to the world whether you abused your authority while you were the Department of Justice secretary.

Sasot said that if only Delima spent more time in defending herself in the courts rather than staging this pathetic ploy to gain sympathy, then she would have been freed IF indeed the evidence against her are fabricated.

Sasot remarked that she would have been sympathetic to De Lima’s cause if the drug concerned was other than crystal meth like mariju@n@ because she is for the legalization of it but shabu is a different story which is very destructive to the users.

Sasot ended the post by reiterating her position that the Senator cannot be freed from jail Senator de Lima by politically persecuting people like her. The only way De Lima can be free is if our courts order her release. And they will only order her release if you were indeed wrongfully arrested and detained.

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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