Popular celebrity turns down 2M pesos to promote a Presidential candidate. Find out why!

A popular celebrity and musician was offered 2 million pesos; in exchange, he would promote a Presidential candidate but he declined the offer.

His reason? He would rather offer his services FREE of charge to either of these two candidates. Guess who? Rodrigo Duterte or Miriam Santiago.

His revelation in twitter was posted around 4 PM today. Since then, the tweet resulted in 1.6 retweets and was favorited 2.6 thousand times.

Chito Miranda

Chito Miranda offered 2M to tweet for a candidate.

He posted an update one hour later to preempt a follow question regarding the identity of the candidate. In his tweet he posted this:

Chito Miranda or Alfonso Miranda in real life is the singer of the popular 90’s band, ‘Parokya ni Edgar.’ He is another celebrity hoping for a Duterte candidacy and we can expect him to perform in one of Mayor Duterte’s campaign rally to entertain the crowd.

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