Popular writer debunks Poe’s claim she is no cheater or liar in the latest article

A newspaper column writer debunks Grace Poe claim she is no cheater or liar in her newspaper column by alleging Poe is guilty of identity theft in the US.

According to the documents in the possession of Ninez Cacho-Olivares from The Daily Tribune, Grace Poe Llamanzares own two SSN’s, “one in her name, with SSN 005-03-1988, first issued as stated in the document, in 1934-1951 in ME. This SSN has been recorded as belonging to a deceased person.

In the US, having more than one SSN becomes a crime of identity fraud and identity theft. This is a federal crime in the United States.

Based on the birthday of Grace Poe Llamanzares, she was not yet born when said SSN was issued to the deceased person. By the way, Poe was born on September 1968. She was not even married yet to Niel Llamanzares, having married him in 2001.

Grace Poe Llamanzares second SSN (SSN 538-25-2008) was issued in 1992 which, according to the writer, is Grace Poe’s real SSN. Remember, she got married to Teodoro Llamanzares in 1991, so it is logical she managed to get her SSN after her marriage to a US citizen.


An SSN (Social Security Number) is very important to land a job and to purchase a house for people who entered the United States of America illegally.


When you have money, you can easily get an SNN from Filipinos or even from foreigners who are in the know where to get one. These are done in the Filipino communities, which the column writer believed Poe have done it in 1997.

Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivares recalled the answer of Grace Poe Llamanzares during the first Presidential debate when she was made to comment on her inexperience in government and this what the Senator said:

It is true, I have little experience in government, but I can say that I have no experience in stealing, lying or cheating.

Ms. Ninez Cacho-Oliverez wrote that Grace Poe Llamanzares loses the right to claim she is not a cheat or liar now after the discovery of the documents that will show she failed on this area.

It appears she did steal, lie and cheat, as documents obtained by The Tribune yesterday showed, her having committed identity theft and/or identity fraud, which is punishable with a prison term.

According to the research made by Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivarez, it was revealed that Grace Poe used used dead man’s SSN 3 times. For further details, you may continue reading here.

This is not the first time Grace Poe has been accused of cheating. During the first Presidential debate, she was caught looking at her notes, which is not allowed during the debate.

Poe cheating in the Presidential debate

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Please watch the video wherein Poe was allegedly caught cheating. However, let us give the benefit of the doubt and let her explain.

Grace Poe nandaya, gumamit ng cue cards na bawal sa debate #ayawkopoe

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Source: The Daily Tribune

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