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Post alleges that HRM grad turned SSS Commissioner is receiving a scandalous 6M a year salary

Ms. Eliza Bettina Antonio

Ms. Eliza Bettina Antonio

A meme alleges that the lady associated with Mar Roxas is receiving almost 6 million pesos a year in salary as an SSS commissioner is doing the rounds online.

According to the Facebook Page Even Demata, Eliza Bettina Antonio is the lady in the viral photo “inside the bus” claim by Rep. Miro Quimbo while campaigning in Bicol but was quickly exposed by netizens who recognized that Roxas, Robredo and an unidentified woman were not in a bus but inside a copter.

The misleading caption made by the Representative Miro Quimbo quickly spread like wild fire online as angry netizens shared the photo in a gesture of protest for the faux pas.

In addition, the viral photo piqued the curiosity of the netizens as to the identity of the lady in the photo who was not identified until today.

But here comes the interesting part: Ms. Eliza Bettina Antonio earns P5,997,400 pesos more than the SSS President Emilio S. de Quiros Jr who earns 4, 188, 689 pesos per annum. Aside from sitting as SSS Board Commissioner, she also landed as board members of Philex and Union Bank, to represent the pension fund.

You might ask what is wrong with this if she is really deserving of the salary she is enjoying from the government? Yes, she deserves every single centavo IF she is indeed an expert in her field backed up by a Wharton degree no less, right? But wait.

According to Yen Makabenta of The Manila Times, Ms. Eliza Bettina Antonio is a “graduate in HRM (hotel and restaurant management) and was an intern at Four Seasons Hotel.”

Out of nowhere, she was appointed at the age 30 as an SSS Commissioner after serving as an administrator of Mar Roxas before 2010. If you wonder how did she get juicy positions in government, simply connect the dots to get the picture.

Admin_Dynz BaroaKaya pala hindi papasa yung P2, 000 na idadagdag sana buwan-buwan para sa mga SSS pensioner dahil…

Posted by Even Demata on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kindly refer to the image below to get an idea of the salary of our beloved SSS officials.

Credits to The Manila Times

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Source: The Manila Times

Note: According to The Manila Times article, it’s ANTONIO not ANTONINO as per Even Demata Page is concerned. Perhaps typo error on the part of Even Demata Page.

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