Post condemns mainstream media, Senators; stats on extra-judicial killings as per US embassy data wrong!

While the human rights groups & mainstream media passes around a “kill list” apparently depicting the Duterte admin as ruthless killers & human rights violators, recent figures from the PNP says otherwise.

However, when the “kill list” from the yellow media is put side by side with the crime stats that occurred during the previous administration, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the crime rate were far worse than what the mainstream media is telling us!

The first image compares the crime stats between the same period of the first months of Presidents Aquino and Duterte.

Based on the figures above, the crime volume. during the first 30 days of the Duterte administration saw a dramatic decline, especially on crime against property. That means less robbers and thieves are freely roaming our communities.

The second image below compares the number of arrests made during the Aquino and the Duterte administrations. Take note, the figures from the Aquino administration is being compared with the figures taken during the early days of the Duterte administration. Ika nga may partida pa yan!

According to the image, the Duterte administration saw a rise of more than 200 percent in terms of arrest made on drug suspects compared to the entire 6 years of the Aquino administration.

And the last but not the least, a Facebook user identified by the name Aniceto Abbey Canturias slams the Senators conducting the hearing on extra- judicial killings for having their figures on the so-called EJK all mixed up.

Killings that occurred well within the sphere of police, military, and quasi-military actions are technically extra-judicial. Of the 1,478 who were gunned down and killed between June 25 and August 22 [this year], up to 1,127 are attributed to vigilantes and drug ring members killing each other; 261 involved those who resisted arrests in police-military action on drug syndicates and suspected communist rebels, and 90 are ordinary murders (FBI Legal Attache, US Embassy, Manila). Questions: Why does the Senate looks at 1,478 as extra-judicial killings? Why can’t it focused on 261 only?

Note: The stats came from the (FBI Legal Attache, US Embassy, Manila so you bet this is not doctored to distort reality.

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Source: Aniceto Abbey Canturias

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