Post lambasts OB-Gyne doctor; refusal to admit bleeding pregnant Mom proved costly

A post blaming the OB-GYNE doctor for the death of the baby inside the womb of the mother is doing the rounds online.

Mother of the baby who died due to doctors refusal to admit

Credits to Andrew Pelayo

In a Facebook post shared 145,685 thousand times, the story of a netizen named Andrew Pelayo is the perfect example how bad our medical system has become for putting a premium on profits instead of saving a life.

The post laments that if not for the heartless hospital policy of “No Cash, No Admission,” the baby would have survived the difficult labor of the mother.

According to the netizen, he brought his wife to the UST hospital on Friday, February 19, 2016 at 3AM in the morning.

“My wife was already bleeding before we left for the hospital, Mr. Pelayo wrote. “So upon reaching the UST Hospital, I briefed the doctor of my wife’s condition.”

“Immediately, my wife was brought to the OB-GYNE room to rest while I was told to wait outside,” Mr. Pelayo added.

“While he was outside, the colleagues of the OB-GYNE doctor talked to her wife about her condition while Dr. Sahagun assessed the condition of the baby inside the womb,” said the post.

According to the netizen, upon learning that the baby was still alive based on the heartbeat and the movement count of the baby, it was this juncture that Dr. Sahagun asked her wife if they have savings (money) for the delivery.

Her wife told Dr. Sahagun to discuss the matter with him since he is the one who is employed between them while her pain was doubling in pain figuratively speaking and experienced bleeding.

Forty-five minutes of waiting outside Mr. Pelayo said, Dr. Sahagun emerged from the OB-GYNE room and told him that the opening where the baby comes out has yet to open and that means they still have time to transfer to another hospital.

Believing that her wife may not make it, he pleaded for the doctor to do something for the mother and child.

Mr. Pelayo recalled that at this point of the conversation, the discussion centered on money instead of how to save the baby inside the mother’s womb.

Mr. Pelayo recounted that Dr. Sahagun asked him how much money he had on hand on that early morning. When told he had P6,000 pesos in his wallet, Dr. Sahagun responded that the medical tests alone would cost him P5,000 pesos.

Without catching her breath, Dr. Sahagun told him he should have at least P20,000 pesos in hand for her wife to be admitted because the UST Hospital is a “cash basis hospital!”

Hindi niyo talaga kakayanin dito sa UST! (You can’t afford here at UST!)

From here, Mr. Pelayo recalled, Dr. Sahagun advised him to transfer his wife to a government hospital with facilities capable of handling such medical emergencies like the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center or the East Avenue Medical Center.

At this juncture the netizen recalled, his wife was going through a difficult labor as the labor pain had increasing frequency and he was fearful she might not survive her ordeal.

Eventually, Dr. Sahagun asked her to sign a waiver which he said he signed immediately without understanding what was written on the piece of paper because he was not thinking straight and all he wanted at that time was the welfare of his wife and yet to be delivered baby.

Mr. Pelayo said, he decided to bring her wife to Jose Reyes Memorial but upon learning that the hospital does not have an incubator, they returned to UST.

He said, he was met by Dr. Sahagun and instead of accommodating them, the doctor greeted him with this:

Sir, bakit pa kayo bumalik dito? Di ba sinabi ko naman sa inyo hindi niyo kakayanin dito. Dahil mo na yan sa East Avenue aabot pa kayo. (Sir, why did you come back here? Didn’t I tell you that you cannot afford it here? Bring your wife to East Avenue, you can still make it.)

Mr. Pelayo recalled that Dr. Sahagun refused to hear his and her wife’s pleadings.

Doc parang awa muna, hindi ko na talaga kaya. Biyakin mu na yung tiyan ko. (Doc, have pity on me. I can’t bear it any longer. Please open my belly.

Instead of pity, Dr. Sahagun shot back at him and said.

Sir hindi niyo tlaga kakayanin dito. Dalhin niyo na yan sa East Avenue. (Sir, you can’t afford it here. Bring here to East Avenue now.

Realizing the futility of their pleadings, Mr. Pelayo wrote that they decided to proceed to the East Avenue Medical Center and hailed a taxi.

While in transit, his wife complained she could no longer feel the movement of the baby inside her womb. Fearing for the worst, he could do nothing but pray for the safety of his baby and wife.

Mr. Pelayo said that his wife was given immediate attention in the East Avenue Medical Center and was wheeled to the OR right away. By 6:19 in the morning, the operation began.

Sadly, the baby was not saved and died before it came out. The mother was saved and despite the loss, Mr. Pelayo was thankful to God that his wife survived, to the doctors of East Avenue and to the taxi driver for driving them to the hospital safely.

Before he ended his letter, Mr. Pelayo condemned Dr. Leizel Sahagun and her two colleagues at the UST Hospital for neglecting his wife despite the precarious condition.

The netizen said he has lost his faith in the hospital and put the blame squarely on them and because of their greed for money, he lost a child who fought until the end.

Meanwhile, netizens trolled Dr. Leizel Sahagun’s Facebook account posted ugly remarks on her timeline.

The OB-Gyne doctor responded to trolls and wrote:

Im just doing my job. That’s It!!

In the meantime, the UST Hospital has not released any statement yet on the complaint of their disgruntled patient.

Read the post below for a detailed narrative of the story.

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