Post praise Duterte for swift response to corruption rumors among appointees, close pals

A post praising Duterte for sacking his appointees in a jiffy upon hearing rumors of corruption against his appointee is making the rounds online.

Krizette Laureta Chu aka “Fearless Krizette” to her social media followers took to Facebook to share her keen observation with the public.

In the Facebook post, Ms. Chu highlighted the contrasting leadership of style of Pres. Duterte and former Pres. Pnoy by citing their attitude towards rumors of corruption among their appointees, especially their closest supporters or friends.

According to Ms. Chu, “whispers of corruption are enough for Duterte to kick out erring high-ranking officials” but this cannot be said of former Pres. Pnoy.

Ms. Chu recalled the sacking of Lavina, Yasay, and Sueno. In fairness to Yasay, his issue was not about corruption but citizenship.

Ms. Chu said that if you have proof of anomalies against a Duterte appointee, her advice is for the complainants to make sure that the president sees the complaint.

On one hand, Ms. Chu reminded netizens how Pnoy stood by his appointees despite allegation of anomalies.

Please check the full text of Ms. Chu’s post below:

“Whispers of corruption are enough for Duterte to kick out erring high-ranking officials.

First, it was Peter Lavina, who was VERY instrumental in the campaign (I took a pic with him when Digong was still campaigning–he went around the PH. He was maybe one of the top 3 in Digong’s team. That’s how important he was.)
Duterte did not lift a finger to help or save Perfecto Yasay, too.

Today, DILG secretary Mike Sueno was fired. Chismis has been going around that his three undersecretaries filed a complaint against him.

All these and the Duterte government has only been 9 months in office. And you say Duterte does not go against the “big fish.”

You file a complaint, make sure the President sees the complaint.

(Please, TPB, let’s kick out Cesar Montano and release those documents to indict him.)

Meanwhile Dinky Soliman fucked up Yolanda, Leila de Lima made our national penitentiary Bilibid Party Central, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda belittled the revenues of the OFWs, Abaya fucked up MRT, Abad had corruption and graft issues, among many major fuckups among Aquino’s administration, AND NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON WAS FIRED.

Because Aquino’s kabarilan is more important than the Filipino people.

(Do you remember the chismis that before Aquino turned over the government to Duterte, may mga paper shredder sa Malacanang? If that is true–an “alleged ex” of Ochoa claimed that it is–that’s the perfect symbol of how Aquino protected his men to the detriment of this country.)”

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