Post says Mocha Uson’s 100K salary as Asec to PCOO is justified, government saves money with her hiring

After reading the Facebook post of Krizette Chu discussing the merits of Mocha’s appointment to PCOO, I realized now why Duterte is called a pragmatist.

But before diving into Ms. Chu’s Facebook post, Mocha’s critics went ballistic after finding out out she is set to receive more than 100,000 pesos a month. Critics believed Mocha is undeserving to receive such kind of salary.

I am not going to ram down this to your throats, however for the sake of fairness, going over the explanation of Ms. Chu, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a read and then reassess your stance on Mocha’s appointment.

You may read the post below.


Jusko, ayoko sana patulan ang mga “di worth it si Mocha” banat.

From a fiscal perspective, Mocha’s appointment makes budgeting sense. Ganito kasi yon, the government is banking on Mocha’s reach, which is about 5,070,000. Sabihin natin 70,000 of those are fake accounts or clone accounts. Let’s peg her following at 5M. (4M, kung gusto niyong babaan.)

The job of a soc med person is first, to populate its following so they get more reach.Mocha has already done that–she has the numbers even without asking the government to shell out for advertising.

Second, to spread news. Which, if you have the numbers in the first place, is already a done deal. Hindi lang pro Duterte ang nag fo follow kay Mocha, pati ang mga anti follow her because they monitor the kalaban. How can they slam and condemn Mocha if they dont know what’s on her feed?

So now we establish Mocha has a 5 million reach. For print advertising, we rely and compute on a x5 pass-on readership. What we mean when we say “PASS ON READERSHIP” is this: Kunyari a magazine publishes only 10,000 copies a month. X5 Pass on readership is already 50,000. So the magazine will say na 50,000 ang readers nila kahit 10,000 lang ang magazines nila because they work on the assumption that their magazine will be made “PASA PASA: (pass on)” by 5 more people. hiram hiram kumbaga. share share.

So on that note, digitally, I dont know what is the average sharing in soc med. Lahat ba nag sha share? Kung ang nag share ay influencer like Sass, hindi lang 5 yan.
But if for the sake of argument, we adapt the x5 pass on readership, Mocha may have close to 20 million readers–thereabouts.
King ina mahina ako sa Math.

More pa actually. 5 million x 5. Pero di mo pwede ma apply yan sa soc med kasi each person shares it, and then another person shares it, so Mocha can have a LITTLE as 5 million readers to even as much as 50 million. And she has a lot of OFW readers or readers who live abroad who have foreigners on their feed. Which means hindi lang Pinoy ang nakakabasa.

MORE OR LESS dahil wala tayong figures sa soc med unlike PRINT publishing, we can never compute her total reach. What is assured is that Mocha has a bigger audience than GMA or ABS CBN, which is VERY impressive.

Sa larangan naman ng TV, etc, TV advertising rates is about, in 2013 rates, P600,000 per 30 seconds. Per 30 seconds ha.

Magkano suweldo ni Mocha? 100,000. Maliit yan kasi di mo na kailangan mag hire ng reporter, editor or sound and lights because she does it all herself, plus di na kailangan magbayad ng gobyerno ng P600,000 per 30 seconds para lang magpalabas kung anong news meron.

Newspaper ads is about 200k per page. Magazine ads is about P80-100k per page, depending on popularity.

Mocha’s reach is the reason she is effective–whether or not we like her personally. WE DON’T HAVE TO LIKE HER PERSONALLY TO KNOW THAT MOCHA HAS THE NUMBERS NEEDED TO REACH OFWs, LOCALS, etc.

Ngayon, hindi pa ma appreciate ninyo kung ano ang reach ni Mocha, but when the government starts various campaigns–kunyari anti dengue, tax reform, and kung ano ano pa na kailangan umabot sa tao-and they are all shown through Mocha’s page, and shared through Mocha, you will realize that she is sorely needed in the Duterte government.

Isipin nyo, 100k (less taxes) is a small price to pay kesa we put out ads para lang maabot natin ang ibang tao. Filipino din naman ang mga naabot ni Mocha, bakit wala silang karapatan makakuha ng taong pinapakinggan nila? Mocha needed to become an official para naman masama siya sa mga junkets abroad na hindi pinag pipiyestahan ang kanyang pagsama. Trabaho yon.

On the other side, Mocha commands P100,000 or plus per show. PER SHOW. Ngayong lagi syang sinasama ng gobyerno abroad, it is considered lost income. Ang kinikita nya per show, kinikita nya buong buwan na. But she wants to serve this government, and it is a privilege to work for a government that you trust.

(As for fears of Mocha spreading fake (or incorrect) news or figures, you should be happy that as part of a team– the PCOO–she will have other people she can ask to doublecheck info for. She will be more responsible about posting because she is now a government official.)


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