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Post slams CHED Chair for prematurely leaking info about UP BoR intention to give Pres. Duterte doctorate honoris causa

CHED Chair Licuanan cuplrit in honorary doctorate degree fiasco

CHED Chair Licuanan cuplrit in honorary doctorate degree fiasco

Now it can told! The firestorm surrounding the doctor of laws degree honoris causa for President Duterte was started by CHED Chair Patricia Licuanan.

This is according to Paulas Defensor Knack, younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

The younger sister of Senator Santiago revealed the information via a meme she shared online recently on Facebook.

Let us read the caption she wrote to describe the meme she uploaded on Facebook.


Si Miss Tapia pala…este CHED Chairman Patricia Licuanan ang nagpasimula sa away tungkol sa doctorate honoris causa ni Pres. Duterte. Hindi nya inakalang tatanggihan ito. Sya ay DILAW. It was she who broke the news that the UP BOR was mulling to confer the honorary doctorate degree to PRRD. It was not long ago on December 2016 that CHED Chair Licuanan was barred from joining Cabinet meetings in the same manner as FVP Leni Robredo was. Therefore, the motive of Licuanan, as co-chair of the UP BOR, is clear as crystal. This is to shame the President by any means necessary. The minutes of their own UP BOR meeting bare that ‘the conferment should not be announced until it has been accepted by the awardee.’

So I head to Google to confirm the information and look what I’ve found. Screenshot of the article posted by the PDI on April 18, 2017. Go ahead and click the image to view the screenshot of the PDI article.

CHED Chair

In light of this information, netizens are asking if the CHED Chair can be impeached for this.

According to Paula Defensor Knack, Licuanan cannot be impeached and they have fixed terms.

Netizens couldn’t help but think that Licuanan resorted this to embarrass the President after all she has a grudge against the President after she was kicked out the Cabinet meeting, together with VP Robredo.

John Aries Macatuno remarked: “They will do anything to discredit Duterte even if their dignity as an official is at risk. That’s how ‘yellows’ play their game.”

Ynez Paulina wrote: “Buking na buking mga plano nila ung talagang siraan ba si PRRD….kahit ano gagawin nilang paj.

Paniniira hinding hindi mapasakanila ang pilipinas ..never never”

Who proposed the conferment of doctor of laws degree honoris causa for President Duterte?

According to GMA News report, it was Senator Escudero seconded by Regents Farolan and Jimenez who made the motion to give President Duterte the honorary degree.” [GMA News]

Because of this, a Liberal Party supporter slammed the senator on twitter.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chiz Escudero belied the news report that he made the proposal.

“I did not move but I did not object when it was proposed given that it is a UP tradition that Philippine heads of state (including the Chief Justice and Senate President) are offered honorary degrees when they are invited to be a commencement speaker (which is also a UP tradition).” [GMA News]

Escudero’s claim was seconded by UP Board of Regents Secretary Atty. Roberto M.J. Lara after reviewing the tape recording of the said meeting. You may visit the link here for further reading.

The answer who made the proposal to give President Duterte the honorary degree can be found in the latest article of PDI.

According to draft transcipt of the April 5 meeting of the UP Board of Regents, UP President Danilo Concepcion made the motion to confer Pres. Duterte the honorary doctorate degree.

“Whether or not he will attend the commencement exercises on June 25, I propose that we confer an honorary Doctor of Laws degree on [Duterte].”

Aside from that, Concepcion also invited the President as commencement speaker in Diliman on June 25.

Your thoughts, please!

Source: Paula Knack

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