Post slams Pangilinan, Trillanes for senate bill to kill “fake news”, spread of false information

On Twitter, Senator Kiko Pangilinan expressed his sentiment about fake news and its impact in shaping public opinion.

He lays the blame squarely on fake news for the deterioration of the level and quality of public discourse.

He said there is a need to look at the systems that protect the freedoms accorded to all Filipinos.

He called on Filipinos to protect the cyberspace from trolls who promote tribal animosity.

Pangilinan tweeted that the need to confront the propagation of fakes in cyberspace has never been pressing than today.

On Thursday, January 19, 2017, Sen. Pangilinan filed Senate Resolution 271 seeking a Senate probe, in aid of legislation, with the end in view of determining whether there is a need to amend Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act. [GMA News]

How social media react?

The Facebook page ‘Showbiz Government’ condemned Senators Pangilinan and Trillanes for wasting government resources on investigating fake news while other more pressing problems are being overlooked.

Kiko Pangilinan and Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV have other priorities. They are filing a bill to eliminate “fake news” and spread of false information.

Iba talaga kapag dilaw, ano?

Senators are voted into office with a promise to seek the public’s interests above the rest. How is the bill to penalize Facebook and online bashers a priority to the public?

These fraud Senators are no longer for public service. They stay true to form as TRADITIONAL POLITICIANS in cahoots with the oligarch to keep the people from their rights to expression.

The bill trumps our freedom to expression and democracy. To approve it is to allow censorship.

These are the yellow trolls who keep crying about Martial Law and Cyber Martial Law but can’t stand the heat of their online critics.

They are historical revisionists who portray Cory Aquino as a Saint of Democracy while ignoring the fact she requested an attack to sacrifice the innocent lives to keep herself in power.


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